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Flat airflow pulverizer detailed introduction

  When the airflow mill is used, the advantage is that the wear surface is relatively small, and the material is not easy to deposit. The impact force is also very large, and the efficiency of pulverization equipment and the fineness of the fineness are the same. It is also very widely used in the range of use. It is also very fine. It is also a typical material. It is also a super hard diamond. The high purity crushing requirements are also very high, and it is usually used in many industries. It is very large for drugs. importance.

  The flattened chamber structure of the flat airflow pulverizer is simple, easy to manufacture, and thus is widely used. The typical structure of the machine is mainly composed of a crushing chamber, a nozzle port, a discharge opening, a gas flow outlet, a compressed air population, a grading area, and the like.This pulverizer changes compressed air or superheated steam into a high-speed airflow by a nozzle mounted in a pulverizing chamber. When the material is passed through the feeder, the shear effect of the high-speed airflow, a strong impact and Dramatic friction makes its particulate material into a super fine product. This airflow pulverizer also has a characteristic that the vortex generated according to the design of the nozzle is designed, not only to the crushing requirements, but also to achieve the purpose of the centrifugal force, the ultrafine product can be separated. The particle diameter of the crushing product is determined by the resettlement angle of the machine nozzle, and is simple control by adjusting the amount of trip. The characteristics of the flat airflow pulverizer are:

  (1) Suitable for dry and brittle materials (general material moisture content less than 3 write) ultrafine pulverization, impact speed, It is easy to obtain particles of microns;

  (2) Since the pulverization mechanism is mainly self-grinding pulverization between the pharmaceutical interaction, the product is not easy to be contaminated by other substances, and high-purity ultrafine powder can be obtained.

  (3) The corresponding lining material can be selected according to the material of different properties (mainly in the crushing chamber, the discharge tube portion) can solve the hard material (Moh's hardness is not more than 9 ) And a wall-like material in pulverization;

  (4) The structure is simple, there is no operation of the component, and other components generally do not damage the inner lining is normal;

  (5) The entire pulverization process is sealed, no dust is flying

  (6) low noise, no vibration;

  (7) Disassembly and washing, no foundation;

  (8) can achieve a large amount of process continuous production, high degree of automation. As the world's big country, China has played a positive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability, and assumes great responsibility and obligation. As a large industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprise developed in China's economic wave, ALPA powder technology will also assume corporate social responsibility, and continue to join hands with more companies to my country's strong troops, and strengthen the road of strong countries.