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Operation and use skills of ultrafine pulverizer

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by airflow abrasion processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Operation and use skills of ultrafine pulverizer:

  1, after the ultrafine pulverizer is opened, first examine whether the equipment is damaged during transportation. Then, the high machine and the auxiliary electrical control device are in place, then turn on the pipeline of the main aircraft, each pipe port flange is equipped with sealant to ensure the sealing of the pipeline, while each single machine and pipe flange are used. The ground wire is grounded and grounded to avoid dust explosions caused by electrostatic sparks.

  2, each stand-alone trial operation, you must check if there is a metal item in the machine, if an exclusion is excluded. Whether the bolt is firm, the tightness of the belt, the reliability of the shield, and the like.

  3, in the order in the order, there is a steady motor, shut down the damper start, pulverizer -> dust collector-> rating device -> screw feeder -> Open the damper -> closed Flexible.

  4, after five minutes of empty car, the operator should carefully observe the various instruments on the control cabinet, and they can be pushed after the electric carrier current is stable. After the feed, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value of 32.6A, otherwise it should be subjected to the amount to ensure that normal operation of the discharge is fixed. 5, can be parked in the following sequential stops -> After five minutes, the main unit, dust collector, classifier -> closed fan can be used.

  6, the stepless shift handle of the stereo classifier can change the speed of the hierarchy, and achieve the excellent adjustment of the article. If the particle size of the article is required, the speed can be improved, and the rotational speed is reduced, and large particle size particles can be reduced.

  In terms of quality inspection, ALPA powder technology is particularly stricter. It is well known that a manufacturing process of a ultrafine powder is often up to hundreds. As a special equipment, the airflow pulverizer is like a special process, and it is possible to make a big disaster. Therefore, ALPA powder technology has established seven step stop points in the production process, which is strictly checked by different engineers,This is independent of each other and supervises each other and finds a timely discovery and solve the problem. Any detail is unqualified, it is unable to enter the proceeding process, which is the quality monitoring of AlPa powder technology to the production process.