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What is the reason why the airflow pulverizer sway during use?

  The traditional Chinese herbal medicinal material is performed by gas flow, but also has the characteristics of processing non-pollution, maintaining the original chemical properties of the substance, and the characteristics of the powder shape, but can make the Chinese medicine materials have a unique small size effect, surface or interface effect. Wait, thereby exhibiting many excellent properties; the drug will have new advantages such as quantitative, easy to absorb, specificity, targeting when the drug is pulverized to 10 μm to 1 μm. It is more fully able to give full play to the effects of drugs, improve the efficacy, and reduce the economic burden of patients.

  Airflow pulverizer

  can be superfined with dry materials, after pulverization, the material is short, and the absorption is more sufficient, and the pharmaceutical is more comprehensive. More obvious, the internal solvent can directly contact the active ingredient thereof, which can all be directly absorbed by the human body, and the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, the drug is more comprehensive, the intensity is higher, and the absorption will increase, thus The role is also more obvious.

  Because these advantages of airflow pulverizer is deeply loved by users, the market is sold high, but the problem has also appeared, sometimes the body will sway, what is it? What about the reason?

  1, the hammer installation error in the maintenance assembly. When the hammer is turned off, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance, all the hammers in the pulverizer must be turned out together, otherwise it will have a strong vibration in the operation. 2, the difference between the weight of the two sets of hammer exceeds 5 grams. The method of excluding is to adjust the weight of the hammer, so that the difference between the corresponding two groups is less than 5 grams.

  3, individual hammer card is too tight, there is no open in operation. After the stop, turn the observation by hand, think of the way to turn the hammer flexible.

  4, other parts of the rotor are unbalanced, and the adjustment balance needs to be carefully checked.

  5, the spindle bending deformation. The solution is to school straight or replacement.

  6, the bearing gap exceeds the limit or damage. It is generally used to replace new bearings to solve the problem.

  7, the bottom angle fixing nut is not fixed or running. The solution is tightened.

  Therefore, before booting, we should carefully check the cases of the motor, nozzles, recycling devices, and air blowers. Check each tight firmware, if it finds loose, it should be tightened in time. Regularly inspect the part of the crushing machine, the fastener is checked, and the noise of the component loose caused by the long-term use of the equipment is avoided, and the mechanism is damaged, and even foreign matter falls into the grading raw material. In addition, equipment such as powder crusher and jet classifier should pay attention to regular cleaning and inspection of wear, to ensure the precision of grading results.

  At present, people are mainly used in the main use of ore chemical, metallurgy, and other materials, typical materials are: diamond, luminescent reflective materials, medicine, etc.

  In the context of globalization, more and more foreign exchanges have become a inevitable trend in all walks of life. For ALPA powder, this communication not only promotes information exchange, but also accelerates AlPa powder. The pace of body movement towards internationalization.