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How should we use maintenance airflow pulverizer in winter?

  Apple skin, citrus skin, wheat bran, corn skin, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag, sugar canesets, etc. The absorption effect should also be greatly reduced, and after the processing is treated with gas flow, it can significantly improve the eating taste and absorption.Winter is coming, do you still use how to use and protect in winter?

  Airflow Crusher? In the recent temperature decline, people need to pay attention to the maintenance of the face before going out, but workers on the production line are also paying attention to the maintenance of airflow pulverizer, with the difference in temperature, air flow crusher maintenance Still have a certain difference.

  The airflow pulverizer also changes very much in conducting changes in maintenance. It is necessary to operate and change according to environmental changes. Very big, we should make appropriate adjustments, the airflow pulverizer must pay more attention to their bearing temperature during production, when this temperature exceeds 50 degrees, we should conduct detailed reasons and how many troubleshooting is eliminated. Some relatively easy to lose weights need to be checked to ensure production quality and production.

  ALPA independently developed rice powder wet processing method won national invention patent, the method subverts traditional dry pulverization and wet processing technology, greatly reduces water volume, reduces rice nunction rate and starch injury rate, so that It is possible to maintain good taste and fragrance while reducing pollution to the environment.