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Talking about the Maintenance of Partial Accessories of Air Flow Crusher

  Airflow milling because the temperature does not rise, it is very low, the production cycle is also very short, the registration rate is also very high, the distribution of particles is uniform, and the gas flow grinding is gradually become pharmaceutical. In the process, the assistant is effective, according to a certain understanding, when the temperature of the work quality is constantly elevated, the flow rate of the gas will drive the speed of the flow rate, mainly in air as an example.

  Airflow pulverizer

  Processing materials are important production equipment in the production industry, many manufacturers are in use, play a lot in the industry The key role is higher than the raw material precision after gas flow, and the quality is better. However, in long-term equipment use, there are various problems in the machine, and we need our reasonable maintenance and overhaul. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the maintenance of the airflow mill and the main machine discharge.

  1. Airflow pulverizing machine

  1, the interior of the fan is cleaned once a week, In particular, the leaves are, because it is easy to accumulate.

  2, the bearing box is a lubricating oil every month.

  3, the fan opens the parking, and during the operation, if there is an abnormality, or if the body is vibrated, then it should be stopped immediately, and then check it.

  Second, the host of the airflow pulverizer

  1, grade impeller, spiral feeder, smash nozzle, etc., should be checked once a year, mainly to see the wear situation, Do you need to replace it.

  2, the airflow pulverizer should be cleaned up after a certain period of time, so as not to affect the pulverization effect of the pulverizer, such as nozzles, mill, and filter bags.

  3, the bearing is necessary to make the necessary lubrication, such as lubricating grease, but the amount is not too large to avoid the bearing temperature abnormally.

  Third, the planet waste valve

  1, once an abnormality occurs, it should be closed immediately.

  2, every threeMonth, clean up an impeller and body in the body.

  3, every three months, fill a lubricating grease for lubrication.

  The above is the maintenance of the airflow mill and the main unit and the maintenance valve in the airflow mill, and the small compilation of the machine can make the machine to play its greatest role.

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