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A text understands the airflow crusher self-service

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance. This composite plate is less than 30% to 50% by the ordinary tank steel plate, and the impact strength is 1 ~ 3 times, it is one Ultimate new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by airflow mill.Now the airflow pulverizer is so frequent, and there are many kinds of crusher in the market, and therefore, the problems they have happen are varied. When you encounter these problems, everyone is always waiting for maintenance personnel to check the repair, and pays money and works. If we can conduct self-service, the following Xiaobian brings you the self-service shredder. Program. First check the power outlet, plug, power cord, no oxygen off, break, if you do not have a power test machine, when the motor is powered, it can be turned to rotate, it can be determined that it is There is a capacity failure in the two starting capacitors of the aircraft. If you can make a discharge spark and a sound of "" sound, this capacitor can be used; if the sparks and sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitance has decreased, and the new or add a small capacitor. If the airflow pulverizer does not use this method if the capacitor has been damaged, and it must be repaired with the same size. A further category is a rod mill high speed pulverizer. This crusher is generally very good, and daily maintenance is more important. Here is the maintenance focus of this type of airflow pulverizer. Check if the lubrication of the bearing is good to check if all fasteners are tight. Check if the drive belt is installed correctly and the situation is good. If the belt breakage should be replaced in time, when there is oil in the belt or the groove, apply a clean rag to clean. Check if the protective device is good, if it is found that the protective device is unsafe phenomenon, it should be excluded in time. Check that there is an ignorant or other debris in the damage chamber, if it is sometimes cleaned. Check if the hydraulic top machine head or the starting roof rod is returned, adjust whether the gasket is properly installed correctly and compact.

  The above is to give you a self-service plan for the airflow pulverizer. Do you have to learn? Mastering these, it will be very convenient when you work.

  In the era of Internet + popularity, cross-border e-commerce has become a large direction of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, as my country's famous powder equipment manufacturing enterprise, ALPA powder technology, and major e-commerceThe platform, self-built enterprise B2B website, weaving to the global online sales network.