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Ultrafine pulverizer is widely applicable and is a high-tech of material.

  The ultra-fine pulverization technology of airflow is almost used in many areas of agricultural products, food, health food, cosmetics, seasonings, and Chinese herbal medicine. It is expected that this century will have a greater faster development in the following.Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer

  is to overcome the internal cohesion of the solid to break the internal cohesive force by mechanical or fluid power, thereby pulping 3 millimeters of material particles to 10-25 microns. It was a high-tech of a material processing that was generated by the development of modern high-tech after the 1970s. Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is made up of a large part of a crusher, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box and a fan, and has a variety of overall performance, production, no screen, non-mesh, uniform granular size, etc. The process is continuously carried out. It utilizes the relative movement between the active gear disc and the fixed tooth disc, or the gas high speed flows the material to obtain the material to teeth impact, friction, and materials from each other, and the powder is pulverized by the rotating centrifuge and the air machine. Enter the cyclone separator, then passed through the shutter, dust into the pulse dust cleaning tank, and the filter is adjusted by filter cartridge and recovery. The whole machine is designed according to the GMP standard, all of which are made with stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the production. The use of ultra-micro gas flow crushers is very broad, such as superfine comminutions in multi-industry dry materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, creative, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical industry. Especially for fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, etc., is more perfect.

  1. Chemical field paper:

  (1) Ultrafine catalyst can increase the petroleum decay speed by 1 to 5 times;

  (2) chemical fiber, textile, improve the smoothness (titanium oxide, oxidation) Silicon);

  (3) Rubber, enhanced, highlighting, anti-aging (calcium carbonate, titanium oxide);

  (4) paint, coating, dye, high adhesion, high performance;

  (5) Daily chemical, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc .;

  2, Biology, Medicine:

  (1) submicron and nanoscale needles;

  (2) Medical refinement, improve absorption (ultra-microcalcetal);

  (3) Refining of health products, improve absorption rate;

  3, military, aviation, electronics, aerospace and other fields:

  (1) Ultra-hard, impact material, ceramic powder, hard plastic (light weight);

  (2) ultrafine silicon oxide, high performance resistance material;

  (3) Ultrafine iron oxide powder, High performance magnetic materials;

  (4) ultrafine oxidant, explosives, combustion rate increased by 1 to 10 times;

  (5) ultrafine graphite, high performance image tube and electronic counterfeit material;

  4, food deep processing Industry:

  (1) Fiber food diet, wheat bran, oatiki, corn skin, corn germ, bean skin, rice bran, beet slag and sugar canesets,

  (2) calcium food, animal bone , Shell, skin, etc., the micron powder obtained by ultrafine pulverization is an organic calcium, which is easily absorbed by the human body.

  (3) Ultrafine powder such as a crustin, crab shell, shrimp shell, 蛆, 蛆,

  (4) Soft drink processing, using gas flow micro-crushing technology, can be developed with powder tea, bean solid beverage, superfine bone powder is prepared with calcium beverage and instant green homose,

  super Micro-gas flow pulverity

  was born for huge contributions to human crushing, many families and companies have helped, solve the problem of pulverization every day, with the development of pulverizer, ultra-microclinating machine development, make more companies Further get rid of hard work and can borrow machines to replace manual and make more efficient and better effect.

  If the product has quality problems, the repair, replacement, and retreats "three-package terms". From the date of the equipment warranty, the customer will enjoy the whole machine with the invoice and warranty certificate. "Warranty Service" of the year. In the normal use of equipment, the cost of maintenance produced by the unit itself is subjected to the ALPA, except for the except of the ALPA.