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Introduction to the principle of closed circuit circulating airflow pulverizer

  Fluidized bed gas flow is widely used in various industries, continuously pulverized, can keep the purity of the pulverized product, short smashing time, simple structure, the fluidized bed of the after-sales, easy to operate, small area, low area Noise! ​​The airflow pulverizer is divided into open circuit and closed circuits, which can be freely selected depending on the crushing material and the crushing requirements.

  The fluidized bed airflow pulverizer for closed-circuit looping is an apparatus that enables ultrafine pulverized, which can be smashed into submicron grade. It has the characteristics of uniform product particle size and no heat, abrasive no wear, no impurities mix, and have no pollution in the environment. When pulverizing various metals and compounds, rare earth materials, and volatilizing materials, no oxidation, no self-burning. The basic principle of the closed circuit circulating airflow pulverizer is to first open an oxygen (nitrogen / high purge air) valve, high purity argon (nitrogen / high purity air) is charged into the gas storage tank to reach 0.6 MPa, at this time, the manual turn off Argon (nitrogen / high purity air) valve, click Automatic operation, the device is gradually run, high purity argon (nitrogen / high purity air) enters the compressor, and the compressed gas is specifically designed via the lower portion of the grinding body. After the nozzle accelerates, the abrasive zone is incorporated at a high-speed airflow, and the material collides with each other in the supersonic gas stream, and the material of the large particles is pulverized into small particles, and the weeks are started. After the pulverized material enters the hierarchical area of ​​the upper portion of the abrasive, the material is automatically graded, and the qualified material will enter the collection device with the airflow. The crude particles that were not classified were dried down to the crushing area, and "returning to furnace" continued to participate in crushing. This process reciprocates and reaches the purpose of ultrafine pulverization. The qualified material screened by the grading wheel is entered into the finished product collection device with the airflow. After the bag filtered argon (nitrogen / high purge air) flows through the sealed line back to the inlet of the compressor (including air (dust) filter inspection apparatus), re-enter the compressor to complete the closed circuit cycle.

  This system contains a set of high-precision oxygen (moisture) content inspection devices and automatic argon (nitrogen / high purity air) devices, which are real-time online. The oxygen (moisture) content in the system was detected by oxygen (moisture) content tester, and then determined whether or not to fill argon (nitrogen / high purity air) according to the results of the test. If the oxygen (moisture) content in the system exceeds the standard, the system automatically opens the argon (nitrogen / high purity air) valve, high purity argon (nitrogen / high purity air) automatic supplementation system, when the oxygen content in the system reaches the set value When calculating argonValve (nitrogen / high purity air) is automatically closed. At the same time, the sensor of the detection system pressure controls the air valve, when overpressure, automatically open the gas.

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