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3D printing gas flow classifier in loose particles, improve grading efficiency

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by airflow abrasion processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Shandong Er Pie's 3D printing gas flow classifier model is two types of FW and FW, and can efficiently, accurately grade card segments for different 3D printing powders, 3D printing gas flow grading machine reasonable dispersion structure Designed, there is no significant pressure loss while loose particles and improves grading efficiency. As the frequency of the circulating fan increases, the closed circuit classification is formed, and the compaction is reduced, thereby reducing energy consumption, eliminating the dust removal device, the grading efficiency is higher.

  3D printing gas stream grading machine structure characteristics

  (1) Under the action of high-speed rotary impeller, the gas pressure flowing through the impeller is elevated, and the high pressure airflow flows out of the impeller. After the injection of the fine granules, due to the blade of the rotary guiding blade, the inlet is large, the exit is small, so the airflow pressure of the outlet is lowered, the speed is increased, and the rotten flow is conducive to the grading.

  (2) The hierarchical point adjustment mechanism sets three adjustment rods and keeps it synchronous with the chain. The adjustment rod moves upward, and the fine powder is increased: the adjustment rod moves downward, the fine powder is reduced. The graded points can be adjusted continuously, the performance of Xinhai airflow classifier is adjustable, and the gradular product is up to D97: 3 ~ 150 microns, suitable for fine grading of dry micron products.

  (3) The control ring is provided with a control ring to ensure the formation of a suitable cross section between the control ring and the injection fine granules, and the airflow flow rate is stabilized.

  (4) The remaining wind port is inevitable from the dry material to be brought into excess gas, and the temperature of the classroom is high, and the air will expand, so it is designed to maintain a stable and balance of the stable airflow in the classification.

  3D printing gas flow classifier for easy oxidation of flammable and explosive raw materials, an inert gas protection closed circuit circulation system can be employed, an inert gas can select nitrogen, argon, helium, and the like, such as in the graded titanium alloy raw material, It is suitable for argon protection and high safety. As the world's big country, China has played a positive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability, and assumes great responsibility andobligation. As a large industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprise developed in China's economic wave, ALPA powder technology will also assume corporate social responsibility, and continue to join hands with more companies to my country's strong troops, and strengthen the road of strong countries.