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Fault solution tips for laboratory micro airflow classifiers

  Tanks and armored car composite panels have high requirements for hardness and impact resistance. This composite plate is less than 30% to 50% by the ordinary tank steel plate, and the impact strength is 1 ~ 3 times, it is one Ultimate new composite. Ultra-fine ceramic powder can meet this requirement, and the preparation of ultrafine ceramic powders is accomplished by airflow mill.Laboratory micro airflow classifier is composed of a feeding system, a grace machine collector, a cyclone collector, a pulse collector, a fan, a air compressor, and a control cabinet. It can form a closed or open system with a variety of grinding equipment such as a ball mill, Raymond mill, impact grinding, airflow pulverizer. Several granular grade products can be produced at the same time, and a grading machine can replace several single-stage classification machines. The same amount of processing, energy consumption is 50% lower than other horizontal. The same amount of treatment, the grading efficiency is 50% higher than the other horizontal. The grading is high, completely eliminating excessive particles and sievements in the product. The laboratory micro airflow classifier has high automation, strong stability, simple operation, and products for the production of particle size distribution requirements, and the finished particle size upper and lower limits are strict.

  The laboratory micro airflow classifier will also encounter various faults in long-term high-intensive working projects, and the damage of the fan is one of them. Have to say, this is a very serious problem. We should pay more attention when we encounter this problem. If you encounter this problem, you have the corresponding skills to solve this problem. Let's come to everyone. introduce.

  If the rivet head of the impeller has a wear phenomenon, it can be welded through the pressing leaf body and the hub to allow the wear rivet head to return to the normal state. The case where the rivet bore often produces fatigue rupture can be used to be welded by a non-passed electrode to the center symmetry, and the cracked welding rod is replaced here, and one is not The used welding rod sews the relative rivet hole crack, and the remaining welding rods after the welding should be the same as the remaining electrode length, which ensures the weight of the welding. If there is no crack at the symmetrical rivet hole, it is necessary to store the welding rod to this place, which eliminates the welding quality of the symmetrical rivet hole crack. The laboratory micro airflow classifier can repair cracks by welding through this pile.

  The laboratory micro airflow classifier is in the process of work, it will make a relatively large sound.But this is the normal sound sent by the machine. Sometimes it will make some abnormal sounds when crushing materials. At this time, it can be called noise. The main reason for generating noise is:

  1 When running at high speed, the operating member boosted the air to generate a "" called.

  2 When the device is running, the vibration is generated.

  3 Rubrication between the turntable or hammer and the drug.

  4 The rubbing of the device rotating the part itself occurs.

  For the cause of noise, the solution is mainly:

  1 each of the rotating parts plus lubricants, if the bearing and the axis is misaligned, the bearing is worn, and the bearing is replaced.

  2 The heat generating phenomenon in the pulverization process also produces noise, and the laboratory micro airflow classifier can be taking a pulverizing chamber water cooling jacket to cool down.

  3 At the mantle spot, install the muffler.

  4 Damper the laboratory micro airflow classifier, such as with a damping pad.

  According to customer needs, ALPA can provide three logistics and transportation methods: the closer customers can provide delivery on the ALPA factory, and customers can also provide delivery on-site service, but will charge a certain fee (including Oil, crossing fee, etc.). You can also entrust the logistics company for transportation. Under normal circumstances, customers need customers to pick up their own goods from nearby logistics sites. If the customer wants to shorten the transportation time as much as possible, the ALPA can deliver the logistics line to send the puller directly to the user's designated place. This way is fast, but relatively, the cost is higher than other ways.