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Structure of ultrafine pulverizer

  Airflow mill refers to a high-voltage gas generated by high pressure gases, causing material particles to collide with each other, or impacts the material particles and fixing plates to collide with a mechanical apparatus for pulverizing material purposes. Airflow milling can produce multiple particle size products at a time, with high dust intensity, less dust, low noise, convenient maintenance, simple operation, etc., is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, food and other industries Product pulveration field.It is understood that although the study of domestic super-smashing technology is late, after recent years, my country has produced various types of ultrafine pulverized equipment, and its performance can be related to foreign advanced models Comparison, basically meet the needs of our actual production. Modern production not only pursues production and finished product quality, but also develops in the direction of environmentally friendly energy saving. Throughout the requirements of modern social productivity, the overall development trend of my country's material ultrafine pulverization technology is to develop in the direction of low cost, rate, controllability, good dispersibility, and quality and stable direction. It has put forward more types of ultrafine pulverized equipment. High technical requirements, my country's ultrafine crushing equipment has entered a climax.

  The ultrafine pulverizer has been in domestic applications for decades, but the time to spread to various industries is not long. Many new users have also stayed in the market for processing ore, grain traditional grinding on the market. The powder machine device is above. Today's ultrafine pulverizer is more useful for processing rare, valuable high value-value materials, and the pulverization accuracy can reach 1 micron, which is equivalent to the degree of cell breakage. The following is a brief image of the ultrafine pulverizer.

  The ultrafine pulverizer structure is a more intuitive understanding of the ultrafine pulverizer, it can be seen that it is a high scientific and technological content, and it is the main equipment of Shandong Erp. Crusher structure simply more knowledge, you can consult Shandong Erpi ~

  As the world's big country, China has played a positive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability, and assumes great responsibility and obligation. As a large industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprise developed in China's economic wave, ALPA powder technology will also assume corporate social responsibility, and continue to join hands with more companies to my country's strong troops, and strengthen the road of strong countries.