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Ultrafine milling machine is used in talcum powder with technical advantages

  The airflow milling work is that compressed air is frozen, filtered, dried, and several nozzle spraying through two-dimensional or three-dimensional arrangement forms an ultrasonic speed gas flow into the pulverizing chamber, and the gas flow impact can make the material are fluidized. , The accelerated material is combined in several nozzles, which produces severe collision, friction, and shear, and ultrafine pulverization of the particles.Talcite is processed into powder, referred to as talc. Talc has excellent physical and chemical properties of lubricity, anti-stick, helper, fire resistance, anti-acidity, good hiding power, soft, high gloss, strong adsorption, and so on. Total stone powder can be used in industrial, construction. At present, the ultrafine mill is a milling machine for talc.

  With the economic development of the world and China, the demand for talc at home and abroad is getting bigger and bigger, and the market prospect is optimistic. Experts predict that in the next 10 years, the demand for hematology in the world will increase at 5% average growth rate, and talc has become one of the high demand growth rates of non-metallic mine products.

  China is one of the world's talc reserves and production, and has a considerable industrial basis. China's proven talc reserves can fully meet the needs of China's economic development. China has currently occupying more than half of the international talgo market, but still is based on raw materials and primary products. In recent years, the United States and Australia have developed rapidly, began to seize the market, which is very unfavorable to China's development of deep processing products, and China's talgo export manufacturers face new challenges.

  Talc is ultimately applied in powder state, and the machining process required for talc processing is fine mill and ultrafine mill, therefore, selecting a suitable grinding equipment is critical to improving the unfavorable situation. The talc is finely grinded, and the domestic use of various models of Raymond (i.e., hanging roller mill) mainly produces 200 mesh and 325 destination products, but if a fine classification device can also be produced, 500 ~ 1250 destination products. In response to the grinding of talc, Shandong Erpai uses MQL ultrafine impact grinding, 6-25 tons per hour, high production efficiency, good finished product quality, product fineness reaches 80 ~ 350 mesh.

  Shandong Er Pie's products are particularly obvious in energy conservation and environmental protection. From the equipment site, it can be seen that Erfa's equipment is used, and the dust-free work is not empty.

  Shandong Erpai has made many efforts in dust removal and noise, technology is very mature, currently in ChinaMany large powder project rectifications in various places have selected the grinding machine equipment of Shandong Erp. El Pie is also in the direction of "contributing to a global brand" for China, continuously improves product quality, improves service system, and strives to make a system with international advanced level.

  At present, the current status of the domestic mill industry is complicated, and the product quality is not good, which has brought a lot to our customers. Shandong Erp, professional overall powder processing solutions, national first-class grinding machine equipment, providing the most comprehensive and most professional options for customer equipment.

  More and more talc mine processing enterprises should change the talc mine to meet various needs. Ultrafine milling machine processing talc is purchased. Shandong Erfa ultrafine mill ultrafine powder equipment - MQL ultrafine impact mill

  [feed particle size]: ≤10mm

  [powder granular]: 400-2500 目

  [production 】: 1-6T / h

  [Application]: Grinding and processing of material materials, chemical, paper, coatings, defense, pharmaceutical, food, etc.

  [Applicable materials]: coal, kaolin, heavy crystal stone , Fluorite, talc, water residue, petroleum coke, gray calcium powder, silica bites, gypsum, limestone, longite, phosphate, marble, potassium longite, quartz sand, bentonite, graphite, manganese ore, etc. The following non-metallic mineral materials.

  [Product Description]:

  MQL ultrafine impact grinding is a super fine pulverized device that has been successfully developed in El Pai, Shandong, has been developed. The machine has high precision, large output, low energy consumption. Extensive advantages, widely used in talc, square solution, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium longite, bentonite, kaolin, graphite, carbon and other Mogli hardness 7, more non-metallic minerals within 6% of humidity It is a ultra-fine pulverized apparatus that is really efficient, energy-saving, especially suitable for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.

  Shandong Erpiese is a professional powder equipment manufacturer, El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. produced milling equipment quality assurance, after-sales service customer satisfaction, and the industrial reputation is good. The production needs to consult Shandong Erpieces, please call the Shandong Elpai Market Phone: 13061397961. We sincerely welcome you to inquire.

  The reform and opening up for 40 years,The country adheres to the basic national policy of opening up, opens the national door to engage in construction, and gradually forms an external open pattern in all-round multi-level wide fields. The relevant leaders of the state have also said: "Comprehensive development of the world's development trend, economic globalization is the trend of the era of irreversible." Shandong Alpa Powder Technology Co., Ltd. As a professional powder equipment manufacturing enterprise, the Dongfeng of the policy is formed. Sales network throughout the world, with a number of overseas companies, products are exported to Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Arab, Thailand and other regions.