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Can the 1000 spot shredder can smash natural graphite?

  After a long-term development, with the continuous improvement of industry research and development capabilities and technical processes, the type of gas flow grinding product is increasing, mainly flat air flow, circulating tube gas flow grinding, rough gas flow mill, fluidized bed gas flow grinding , Target gas flow mill, supersonic speed flow mill, etc. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the application of high-performance materials and new materials is increasing. The performance and quality requirements of the downstream industry have continued to improve, and the new gas flow is constantly developed.Natural graphite, as the name is the naturally formed graphite in nature, generally appearing in ore with graphite rock, graphite flax, including graphite and metamorphic shale. A main purpose of natural graphite is to produce refractory materials such that graphite demand is closely connected to refractory materials and steel industries. Natural graphite deep processing, crushing is an indispensable link, and has a profound impact on the quality and application effect of subsequent finished products. Can natural graphuses processed with 1000 megadownload megadownload megadownload? The answer is ok, and will be a 1000 meter gas current pulverizer.

  The 1000 spot gas current pulverizer is one of the ultrafine pulverizer. Its principle is to form an ultrasonic air flow in the nozzle to form an ultrasonic air flow in the nozzle by drying, compression and purification. Under differential pressure, the material is fluidized, accelerated by the intersection of multiple nozzles, generates a dramatic impact, collision, friction, shear, to achieve ultrafine pulverization of the particles, and the pulverized fine powder The rising airflow is delivered to the upper turboxer, which will be discharged with fine powder under the grading wheel effort and fan effort, and enter the lower level of the lower level to continue to be selected or collected, and the purified gas is discharged from the air blower. The material is subjected to a spiral feeder or a vacuum conveyor into the pulverizing chamber, and is pulverized between the high-speed rotary rotor and the stator of the tooth bushing and the high frequency vibration of the shock shear and the airflow. Then, in the drive of the airflow through the guide to enter the center grading area, the fine powder is discharged from the center tube as the gas flow from the center tube, separated from the separation device, and the ultrafine dust is collected by the dust collector. The air is emptied by the fan, and the coarse powder falls back to the pulverized region under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. A 1000-spot current pulverizer is used to process natural graphite with the following advantages:

  1. The impact speed is large, and it is easy to obtain micrometer and submicron particle size.

  2When the compressed gas passes through the nozzle, the pulverization is carried out at a low temperature due to the cooling effect produced by the adiabatic expansion.

  3. Since the pulverization mechanism is mainly self-grinding, the product is not easily contaminated by other substances, and high-purity products can be obtained.

  4. It can solve the problems caused by hard materials and viscous materials in crushing according to different properties of materials, and to solve the problems caused by hard materials and viscous materials in crushing, and further guarantees that they are not contaminated with metals.

  5. The production process is carried out in a closed pipeline, no dust, the noise is lower than decibels, with low noise, no vibration, environmental pollution, and other advantages.

  6. Simple structure, disassembly, cleaning, simple operation, small area, no operational parts except for the inner lining, other parts will generally not damage, basically no fault.

  7. Can achieve continuous production and automation operation, which can simultaneously play a mixed and dispersion during the pulverization process.

  8. The larger the production capacity, the lower the energy consumption of unit products.

  Follow the order, quantity and accessories of the order equipment, ensure that the stocks are fully matched with orders. After the production of equipment is completed, the quality inspectors shall check the quality of the equipment to be installed in accordance with quality inspection. Before the equipment is sent, the following staff will calm down the box one by one to prevent leakage, less and less. Equipment packaging adopts professional packaging and modular solutions to ensure safe damage during equipment transportation.