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How does the gas flow crusher adjust the particle size of the finished product?

  Chemical, papermaking field gas flow application (1) ultrafine catalyst, can increase the petroleum decay speed by 1 to 5 times; (2) chemical fiber, textile, improve the smoothness (titanium oxide, silica); (3) ) Rubber, enhanced, highlighting, anti-aging (calcium carbonate, titanium oxide); (4) paint, coating, dye, high adhesion, high performance; (5) daily chemical, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc .;

  The pulverization range is 1-120 microns, and the particle size can be freely adjusted. This is one of the unique advantages of the airflow pulverizer, which is because the superfine particle size allows the airflow pulverizer to become the darling of the smashing process. How to adjust the granularity of the finished product is a project that equipment manufacturers will focus on user operators after equipment sales.

  Generally, the particle size of the airflow pulverizer can be adjusted by a change in the feed rate, and more fine particles can be generated, and the energy of each particle accelerates the crushing energy. Many, provide greater power supply, which has become an important role in crushing, and you can get more fine grain size, which is under the premise of energy consumption.

  Some products require high-level application of crushing energy, and the airflow pulverizer can improve the crushing characteristics, increase the pressure, temperature, gas flow control, etc., increase the temperature, also change the material, all control particle size, also need to consider materials Physical and chemical properties.

  Adjusting the output power diameter grinding machine appropriately adjusted. Some particles must be treated by low resonance, requiring multiple collisions, thus increasing the resonance each collision, the lower energy given by the particles is small. On the other hand, reduce the number of particles, be sure to increase the speed of the particles.

  In addition, the use of equipment should also be noted that the instructions should be carefully viewed before the operation, understand the sexy knots and structures of the equipment. It is not possible to improve the speed of the spindle, and there is no hard block in the material, etc., it will cause damage to the equipment. When it is above, the material is prevented from being flying out on the side of the tissue.

  The bearing temperature is below 55 degrees, and the device is too hot to be closed. When cleaning the materials in the assembly bag, when changing the hammer, turn on the cabinet to clean the block, to cut off the power. The work is over, to clean the device, and waterproof. People who don't understand the equipment or after drinking and diseases are not available.

  Do not use inferior hammers to affect the use time of the equipment.If there is a fault, it is necessary to stop. There must be a protective cover when the equipment is working, and the equipment is also required before power on.

  The above is several ways and use precautions for the airflow pulverizer to adjust the particle size of the finished product. Do you have gains? For more information on the airflow crusher, please continue to pay attention to Shandong Erp. In terms of quality inspection, ALPA powder technology is particularly stricter. It is well known that a manufacturing process of a ultrafine powder is often up to hundreds. As a special equipment, the airflow pulverizer is like a special process, and it is possible to make a big disaster. Therefore, ALPA powder technology has established seven process stop points in the production process, which is strictly controlled by different engineers, and each other is independent and mutual supervision, and it is timely discovery and solve the problem. Any detail is unqualified, it is unable to enter the proceeding process, which is the quality monitoring of AlPa powder technology to the production process.