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The airflow classifier can be multi-stage series, and each grade is divided into different granulari

  In addition, most of the fruit and vegetable skin, the nucleus contains specific nutrients, which can be directly transformed into food raw materials by airflow abrasion processing. Such as nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, biological flavonoids, such as citrus skin nucleus, have high medicinal value.

  Materials often need to be graded out of the correct particle size or thick classification after ultrafine pulverization, this is to use the airflow classifier, the airflow classifier is generally used for the segmentation of micron powder, dispersion Widely, widely used in chemical, ore, metal powder materials, metallurgy, battery materials, new materials, ceramic materials, rare earth materials, magnetic materials, medical foods, etc., can be arbitrarily graded, segmented within 200-10000. And free adjustment.

  The airflow classifier is divided into FW-100, FW-200, FW-400, and the like, can be multi-stage series 1-5, and different particle size finished products can be separated once. The airflow classification machine is a dry classification device, which is a centrifugal grading machine with a flow field regulation device and a high speed turbine rotor, has the characteristics of high leveling range, high grading efficiency, high grading accuracy, accurate cutting particle size, and good stability.

  The specific applies of the FW series airflow classifier are:

  1. Super hard functional materials: silicon carbide, carbonized boron, white corundum, brown jade, diamond, zirconia, cerium oxide, high temperature alumina, nitridation Silicon, boron nitride, electrical stone, garnet, etc.

  2. Chemical and polymer new materials: magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, alumina, carbon black, white carbon black, catalyst, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, polyphosphate, polyethylene wax, polyethylene, polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride, polytetrafluoroethylene, epoxy resin, phenylel resin, fendededededededehyde resin, stone, silica gel, titanium powder, dye, flame retardant, sputum, zinc borate, etc.

  3. Non-metallic mine: square alietite, Dolomite, kaolin, talc, heavy crystal stone, quartz, graphite, pulverized coal, meteorite, calcium carbonate (heavy, light), mica, vermiculite, leaf stone, pointer Slim, concavestone, silica grain, magnesium stone, bentonite, limestone, diatomaceous earth, tired stone, sea bubble, petroleum coke, pearl rock, etc.

  4. Metals and oxides: phosphate, tantalum powder, selenium powder, ball-type aluminum powder, molybdenum powder, high chromium iron, vanadium titanium, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, cobalt, nickel, magnesium, Iron oxide, alumina, oxidationZinc, tin oxide, cobalt oxide, tungsten carbide, metal silicon, stainless steel powder, alloy powder, and the like.

  5. Battery, copying new materials: lithium cobaltate, cobalt oxide, lithium manganese acid, manganese dioxide, lithium nickellate, lithium nickel-manganese acid, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate, three yuan material, natural graphite, natural graphite, Artificial graphite, asphalt coke, calcined petroleum coke, lithium hydroxide, tetrashydoxide, oxalate, iron phosphate, toner, etc.

  6. Other materials: ceramic materials, refractory materials, electronic materials, magnetic materials, rare earth materials, phosphors, copying materials, etc.

  Shandong Erfai airflow classifier can freely incorporate experiments, the company has a professional powder experiment and testing center to maximize user procurement security. Welcome users to consult!

  The new era creates new demand. As economic growth is gradually changed from the intensive environmental protection, each industry is facing unlimited opportunities and challenges. Among them, the ALPA powder technology, which is a typical representative of industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprises, with the new era - environmentally friendly powder equipment, to promote transformation and upgrading of all walks of life, highlighting their own value.