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What is the composition of the closed-loop airflow classifier, what is the role?

  The full protective ceramic liner airflow pulverization charter has the following performance advantages: dry pulverization of various materials suitable for the Moh's hardness 9 or less, is particularly suitable for high hardness, high purity, and high value-added materials. The breakthrough of particle acceleration technology has greatly improved pulverization efficiency, reduced energy consumption, small pulverization, good particle shape, and no large particle size and no large particles, and the product particle size D97 = 3-74 microns were arbitrarily adjusted. During the pulverization, due to the sharp expansion of the airflow, the airflow temperature is lowered, especially suitable for the heat sensitive, low melting point and the volatile material. The material collides with each other, which is different from mechanical pulverization relies on the impact of the material or a hammer, and plus all-round ceramic liner, so the equipment is small, and the product is purity. It can be used in series with multi-stage airflow classifiers, and products producing multiple particle size sections at a time. The ceramic liner is pulverized, the equipment is compact, the disassembly and cleaning is convenient, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. The entire system is fully negatively pressed, no dust, low noise, clean environmental protection.In the metal powder processing, the closed-loop airflow classifier is a common equipment. The closed-loop airflow classifier is also called an inert gas protection airflow classifier. By replacing air with an inert gas, it can effectively prevent dust explosion and anti-oxidation, and control the system temperature to make the processing process. Always in a constant temperature state. The inert gas can select nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium according to material properties. The closed-loop airflow grading machine is often used in the precise classification of flammable and explosive oxidized materials, especially in 3D printing material powder metallurgy.

  The closed-loop airflow classifier is composed of a feeding system, a hierarchical host, a cyclone separator, a dust collector, a guide fan, a control cabinet, etc., each component has it The role, let's take a look at what the functions of each component are. First, the feed system

  1. Composed of replacement tanks (about 15 L), double pneumatic butterfly valve, buffer can, feed valve, feed pipe, etc.

  Second, classification host

  1. The grading cavity is the grading device. The lower section is a dispersion device;

  2. Adjust the frequency modulated motor, frequency conversion control;

  3. Rating wheel: Accurate vertex cutting Technique effectively controls the particle size composition and distribution of the finished product. Hierarchical wheel and front endThe seal between the air sleeve uses positive pressure sealed to effectively prevent the particles from escaping.

  Three, cyclone separator

  cyclone separation body, rectifier tank, double butterfly valve discharge device

  four, dust collector system

  1. Pulse anti-blow filter dust collector;

  2. Drainage method is used to add substance tanks.

  Fifth, return air filtering, cooling system

  1. The filter in the middle of the return line between the dust is filtered again, and the gas filtered through the main vaster is again filtered.

  2. The cooler in the middle of the retaining line between the fan and the host prevents the system temperature and causing changes in material properties.

  Six, the control system

  1. The whole process PLC automation control is mainly the start and stop of the device, status display, overload alarm, security interlock, etc.

  2. The internal temperature, oxygen content, pressure pressure difference, grading wheel speed, feed speed, and so on.

  3. Human-machine interface design Convenient operators and maintenance personnel, set multi-level management privileges, operator interface and managers interface zone, fault alarm prompt, hand automatic.

  VI. Pipeline system

  mainly includes piping pipes and main air supply pipes, return air pipes, and bronchial pipelines.

  Eight, platform system

  mainly includes work platform (support platform, operating platform, maintenance platform), fence, ladder (slope and ladder), etc. According to standardization and human-computer engineering design, bolt connection, full consideration of safety and convenience.

  The above is a specific introduction of closed-loop gas flow grading machines. Shandong Erp is specialized in the production of closed loop airflow grading machines, airflow pulverines, etc., which can develop the most suitable system solutions according to different materials and different machining requirements.

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