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What are the effects of various units of small air flow crushers?

  The airflow grinding energy is low, the output is large: the unique pulverized cavity design, using the collaboration of the multi-work field, greatly improves the pulverization efficiency, the production demonstrates that the equipment has the lowest energy consumption, the largest production, and Compared with traditional gas flow, energy saving is 30%, and the yield is increased by more than 2 times.A small air flow pulverizer for colleges, research institutes, and various laboratories can be processed from larger size to 3-15 microns, so it is a very popular device. The difference between the small air current pulverizer and the large and medium-sized airflow pulverizer is merely the size and output. It can be "small, the sparrows, the five organs", the unit of the small air current crusher mainly includes: feeder, host, cyclone dust collector, Control box, bag trap, installation cabinet, air blower, etc., then what role is these units? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

  1. Host: Airflow pulveration section.

  2. Feeder: It is a device that is evenly supplied to the host. 3. Cyclone dust collector: electrical and aerodynamic control section of the unit.

  4. Control Box: Electrical and control section of the unit.

  5. Primary bag trap: the first-order dust removing device of the exhaust.

  6. Cyclone Bottom: The cylinder is driven and lifted, easy to discharge and sealed, is a collection bucket for the main product.

  7. Secondary bag trap: exhaust light headphone dust removing device.

  8. Installation cabinet: For integrated additive, dust, registered, exhaust unit and one integrated removable cabinet.

  9. Dynamic wind turbine: The introduction of the introduction of the secondary bag trap and the exhaust gas discharge device guarantees that the capture is taken under negative pressure, and the surrounding environment will not have dust.

  10. Practice valve: Used to adjust the feed pressure.

  The working principle of small airflow pulverizer is that the material is supplied to the main hopper to the main hopper. In the pulverizing cavity, the material is driven by the ultrasonic velocity generated by the roller, and the high-speed cyclotransharging is ground, and the particles are collided with each other, friction, and the particles and pulverized cavities can also generate collision and friction. Under these pulverization, the particles are pulverized into a fine powder. During this process, the fine powder reaches a certain fineness is due to being larger than the effortThe heart gas stream is driven to introduce the discharge opening, flow into the back of the trapped receiving system; while the thick material is greater than the centrifugal force greater than the heart of the heart, what to stay in a pulverized cavity, Under the action of supersonic airflow, continue to be pulverized until it reaches a certain fineness from the discharge opening. The material from the host discharge exit is separated by a cyclone dust collector. Most of the material settle into the bucket collected in the lower part of the cyclone, and the tail gas is discharged from the upper portion of the swirl. Enter the primary level. The bag trap, the powder adsorption is adsorbed on the bag, and the basic cleaned air is drawn into the secondary bag filter dust, and the clean exhaust gas is discharged from the air outlet, which is the entire crush, trap, and exhaust flow. .

  The above is the role of El Pai Xiaobian for you, and everyone is looking for it, is it more understanding? More about small airflow crushers, please pay attention to us, or directly inquire ~

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