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What is a vertical airflow classifier? What is the advantage?

  Airflow grinding is very common among our lives, and whether it is the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, metal industry, etc., we are all able to see the figure of gas flow, but according to the industry Different, gas flow mills used in various industries are also different.In the ore processing process, the classification is an extremely important link, and the grading equipment can effectively separate the thick particles, which avoids the excessive pulverization of fine miners, reducing unnecessary energy consumption, can also return crude particulate minerals to grind Machine, continued to get effective crushing. The quality of grading equipment directly affects the production capacity of the mill and the quality of mineral products. The most commonly used classifier is a vertical airflow classifier, which is widely used. The following small series is a vertical airflow classifier. The vertical airflow classifier is set into a set of hierarchical systems with cyclonic separators, dust collectors and airfines.

  The rotor impeller of the airflow classifier is a composite bidirectional centrifuge, and the impeller is high-speed, and the lower portion of the impeller forms a negative pressure region. The air in the hierarchy is entry into the lower portion of the impeller. The spray fine granules flow out, under the action of the control ring, the air flow is moved upward, and there is a sport in the axial and circumferential direction. The airflow flows inward in the hierarchical space, and the upper impeller is imported from the upper impeller outlet. The discharged gas stream moves downward in the cartridge, and then flows upward through the inner cylinder to the lower air inlet of the impeller, so that the circulating flow is formed to form a cross circulating airflow. The material input from the star feed valve falls into a high-speed rotating tubing plate, and the metering ring is poured under the action of centrifugal force, and the material is submitted downward in the grading cartridge under the action of the gasket. Under the action of the cross airflow, the thick particle material is slid from the wall sheet of the control ring to the coarse collector, and the fine powder is delivered to the lower micro-spinning wind collector with the gas stream of the upper stroke of the rotor. In this way, the raw material is divided into two parts, while the remaining air is inhaled by the central suction mouth under the rotor, flowing through the blade, spraying the fine grain ring, controlling the ring, and then rings from the center of the control ring. Back, form a continuous automatic cycle of the week. Follow the excess air brought into the material and due to high leveling room temperature, excess gas is discharged from the remaining wind to ensure the balance of airflow in the classification, stabilize. Yu Fengkou sets a filter bag, so that the discharged air is not polluting the environment.

  verticalThe performance advantage of the airflow classifier

  ● Suitable for fine grading, graded spherical, sheet-like, and irregularly shaped particles (unit: g / cm3 or kg / m3) The particles are graded.

  ● The granularity of the graded product can reach D97: 3 ~ 150 microns, the product particle size is not adjustable, and the variety replacement is extremely convenient. The grading efficiency (extraction rate) is 60% ~ 90%, the grading efficiency is related to the material properties and the particle size of the particle size, the material is fluid, and the particle size required to meet the particle size is high, and the efficiency is high, and then low. The hierarchical rotation speed is high and the vertex cut is accurate. The multi-level classifier is used in series, while producing multiple granular sections of multiple granularities.

  ● Can be used in series with polishing equipment such as ball mill, vibration grind, Raymond mill, constitute a closed circuit loop. Control System Using Program (Procedure), the running status is displayed in real time, and the operation is easy. The system is negatively operated, and the dust emissions are 40mg / m. After silence measures, the equipment operates noise (decibel (DB)) is not higher than 75 dB (a).

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