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Focus! Laboratory airflow crusher instructions

  When the airflow mill is used, the advantage is that the wear surface is relatively small, and the material is not easy to deposit. The impact force is also very large, and the efficiency of pulverization equipment and the fineness of the fineness are the same. It is also very widely used in the range of use. It is also very fine. It is also a typical material. It is also a super hard diamond. The high purity crushing requirements are also very high, and it is usually used in many industries. It is very large for drugs. importance.

  The laboratory airflow pulverizer used in some colleges is a small processing equipment because it requires less raw material, and the equipment covers an area, easy to operate, can be treated in one time, or continuous production Therefore, it is also suitable for small processing enterprises, the model of laboratory airflow pulverizer is MQW-100, which is one of the special products of Shandong Er.

  As a mechanical equipment, the requirements of laboratory airflow pulverizer for equipment are as follows:

  1, this machine is suitable for the ambient temperature to -5oC-40oC, relative The humidity is ≤90%, the constant temperature is most suitable, and the ventilation, dry, clean, clean.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to contact this machine without any adult children to avoid accidents.

  3. Before the machine is used, it is necessary to determine if the power supply voltage is normal, and the power outlet has a reliable grounding wire.

  4, the dry material is smashed finer. Whether it is wet and grease items

  5, when this machine works, the drug should not exceed half of the crushing machine.

  6, general Chinese medicine crush only 1 minute, special needs time to increase.

  7. This unit cannot work for a long time. Do not cross 5 minutes each time, the number of processing is required, and the middle must take a break, preventing the motor bearing from being damaged by the motor.

  8. When you have just turned it, if you touch the crushed card, you can't operate normally. To close the power, prevent the motor from damage, after cleaning

  9, after use, after use, carbon Brush and blades are severely wear, must be replaced.

  10. Before you work, check whether the screws of the blade are loose to ensure safety.

  Shandong Erfa production MQW-100 laboratory airflow crusher in many universities, research institutesThere is a wide range of applications, including Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China Nuclear Industry Physics, China Nuclear Industry Research, China Technical Industry Xi'an 213, Guangzhou Non-Colored Metal Research Institute, Northwest Non-Colored Metal Research Institute, Jilin University, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology , Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Mining Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oriental Tantasy, Lanzhou University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an Yuanfei Aviation Technology, Nanjing University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Central South University and other domestic colleges Schools and food industries that require small production in the school and so on, have also chosen the MQW-100 gas flow pulverizer for industrial processing. China's manufacturing industry has been eliminated or promoted, and AlPa Powder Technology as a professional powder equipment manufacturing company with more than 20 years of history, the chairman and management team deeply, through independent R & D, joint development, manufacturing intelligent manufacturing and green, and leading the traditional manufacturing industry while continuously transforming the intelligence and green development while continuously realizing its high quality development.