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Accurately understand the precautions for the gas flow crusher processing process

  Airflow grinding temperature without medium smashing: low melting point, thermal sensitivity, fibrous, polymer polymer powder; flammable, explosive, easy oxidized material for ultrafine processing Moques hardness; inert gas Realize the closed circuit cycle, the inert gas circulation is used.As a high-tech device, the airflow pulverizer has a highlight advantage in diamond processing. Airflow pulverizer can effectively control dust pollution and prevent dust explosions during processing, so it is also a safe environmentally friendly equipment. The machining process of the airflow pulverizer includes preparation, injection, crushing, discharge, and each link needs to pay attention to its method, and the specific considerations are as follows.

  1, preparation: Pay attention to the material must be dry, if the material is not dry, dried or dried (the front end of the airflow pulverizer can be equipped with various types of drying equipment), In addition, there is more oil containing more oil, and the material having a higher fiber is not smashed. Then prepare the necessary necessities such as the refrye disc.

  2, feed: Open the upper cover (turn counterclockwise, clockwise clockwise), put the dry material into the pulverizer. Tighten the cover, tighten the swings to fix the tweversion. 3, crushing: plug in power, open the timer switch. General materials can be in half a minute, hard material is about 1 minute or so, should not be too long.

  4, discharge: When the scrolling sound is relatively uniform, the material has been pulverized into powder, which can be turned off. The swing is rotation, open the upper cover, and pour out the powder.

  Shandong Erfa production gas flow pulverizer model is MQW-200, and the ultra-fine pulverization of diamond is free to regulate, and the collection rate is high. The use of gas flow crushers and maintenance is the focus of Shandong Erfami users, more about the sharing of airflow crushers, please pay attention to Shandong Erpi, always master the industry's dynamics.

  In recent years, the attention of green environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned, whether it is Ningde era, or AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing sustainable development. . In the future, there is still an infinite challenge, but as a large-scale enterprise with social responsibility, ALPA powder technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.