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What consists of airflow classifier production line?

  The use of ultra-micro gas flow grinding is very broad, such as the ultrafine comminution demand for multi-industry dry materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, creative, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical industry. Especially for fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, etc., is more perfect.

  In the processing of ultrafine powder, the grading is an indispensable project, where the airflow classifier is required. The airflow classifier is a high-precision new environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment, compared to other classified equipment, the level of grading accuracy of the airflow classifier is high, no pollution, and safe explosion-proof is its prominent characteristics. The airflow classifier is not a single device, but is a production line that is combined with many components, and it is said that it is composed of which components and each component.

  The full set of airflow classifiers consists of an impeller classifier, a cyclone collector, an electrical pulse dust collector, a centrifugal fan, an electrical control cabinet, and the like. Their respective functions are as follows:

  1, the impeller classifier (hierarchical host) is composed of a motor, a grading wheel, a grading cavity, a secondary air outlet and a wind screen. At the time of operation, the material is entered into a grace machine, and the speed of the hierarchy wheel (inverter control, stepless speed regulation) is adjusted, and the rational secondary gas is formed, and the rational and stable gas-solid two-phase flow is formed. Using the graded wheel to generate centrifugal force, and the interaction of the air pressure is generated to heart force, and the effective level of the material is realized.

  2, the electrical pulse filter is composed of a filter bag trapping device, a pulsed gray average device, a pneumatic control device, and a pulse control device. After using more advanced electromagnetic pulse, automatic cleaning, the gas carrying dust into the filter bag dust collector, the dust is filtered through the filter bag, and the dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag is discharged to the bottom of the pulsed anti-blowing gas. The filtered clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the fan.

  3, centrifugal blowers provide sufficient power air volume to the entire classification system, used to grade and transport materials, so that the entire system operates under negative pressure, avoiding and reducing dust leakage.

  4, the cyclone collector collects qualified products.

  5, electrical control cabinet is implemented for electrical centralized control over the entire classification system, with a good man-machine interface, reasonable design, easy to operate.

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