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What are the categories of airflow crushers? The original of each airflow crusher

  After the airflow mill is broken, the starting time is short, and the absorption is more sufficient, the pharmaceutical is more comprehensive, and the effect is more obvious. The cell-breaking crusher is a cell-breaking homogenized operation in which the cells breaking the Chinese herbal medicine cells. After the cell is broken, the internal solvent in the broken cell can be directly contacted the effective ingredients of the solvent, which can directly enter the solvent by the human body; the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, the drug is more comprehensive, and the intensity is higher , The amount of absorbent will increase, so that the role is also more obvious. The cosmetic raw material can be homogenized by a superfine pulverizer. It will cause precision composite and uniformity of the effective components of Chinese herbal medicines, which can also enhance the effect of drugs.

  The airflow pulverizer occupies an important role in industrial processing. Its function is to smash large sizes of powder materials (2 mm or less) to ultra-fine dimensions (200-8000 mesh), and can pass Adjust the parameters, adjust the finished particle size. The powder finished product has a fine particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high activity, good dispersibility, and the gas flow pulverizer also has a dispersion function of agglomerate powder.

  Currently, the airflow pulverizer used in different industries can be classified as: flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed for spray airflow pulverizer, circulating tube gas flow pulverizer, Spray airflow pulverizer, target airflow pulverizer. These types of airflow pulverities are also widely used in a flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed, a fluidized airflow pulverizer, and circulating tube gas flow pulverizer.

  The working principle of different categories of airflow pulverizer is as follows:

  After the spiral gas flow pulverizer

  After entering the pulverizing chamber by the spiral feeder, the high-speed airflow impact can be brought out by several relative nozzles. The collision produced by the rapid expansion of airflow is suspended, and the friction is pulverized. The thick mixed powder is driven under a negative pressure air flow through the turbine grading apparatus, the fine powder is forced by a grading device, and the cyclone collector and the bag dust collector are trapped, the coarse powder is granted gravity and the high-speed rotation. Return the crushing cavity to the four walls and settle down.

  Flat airflow pulverizer

  As a high pressure air flow of pulverization kinetic energy into a regulated gas storage package as a gas flow distribution station, the air flow is accelerated into a supersonic airflow through the Raval nozzle.The pulverized mill is pulverized, and the material is accelerated into the pulverized grinding chamber for synchronous pulverization. Since the Lavar nozzle is mounted in an acute angle and the pulverizing cavity is installed, the high-speed jet flows in the pulverizing cavity, and the particles and the particles are generated by mutual impact, collision, and rubbing between the particles and the fixed target sheet. The fine particles are introduced into the heart gas flow to enter the cyclone to enter the cyclone separator, and the coarse powder is pulled to the pulverizing the wall under the action of the centrifugal force and continues to be pulverized.

  Circulating tube airflow pulverizer

  The raw material is added to the fluoricular nozzle, and the high-pressure gas flow is sprayed into a runway circulating tube-type pulverizing cavity of the non-alversion of the curved curvature. Collision, rubbing and pulverizing. At the same time, the swirl also drives the pulverized particles to enter the hierarchical region along the conduit, and the intensive stream is discharged under the action of the fractional zone centrifugal force field, and the fine particles are discharged after the inner layer is graded. The crude particles returned to continue cyclic pulverity along the underlying line.

  Fluidized Bed Airflow Crusher

  Airflow Crusher (Fluid Bed Airflow Crusher) is that the compressed air is accelerated by the Lavar nozzle accelerates the ultrasonic speed gas stream to make the material is fluidized ( The airflow expansion is suspended in a fluid bed and collides with each other), so each particle has the same motion state. In the crushing area, the accelerated particles are pulverized with each other in each nozzle. The crushing material is delivered to the hierarchical region, and the fine powder reaching the particle size required by horizontally arranged ranking wheels, and the coarse powder that does not reach the particle size requirement continues to be pulverized. Qualified fine powder enters the high-efficiency cyclonic separator with the airflow to obtain the collected gas, and the dust is discharged into the atmosphere after filtering the dust filter.

  Shandong Erfai produces various types of airflow pulverizer, of which the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is its main product, widely approved in many fields at home and abroad, and has been highly recognized by users. Shandong Erfade is committed to R & D, Production of gas flow crushers for more than 20 years, accumulating tens of thousands of successful cases, the company also has powder experiments and testing centers, providing users with free incoming experiments and testing, providing maximum guarantee for user purchase.

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