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Adjustment and particle size of each parameter for the gas flow pulverizer for toner

  The problem of ordinary ultra-micro gas flow is: high manufacturing cost, large investment, high energy consumption, too much powder processing, so that it is also subject to certain fields; difficult to make submicron Level products, product particle size is best in 10 um, and the output is sharply decreased at 10 um, and the cost is rapidly rising; the single-machine handling capacity of gas flow is smaller (both less than 1 ton hour, can not adapt to large-scale production needs; Device machining accuracy and material wear problems still plagued equipment manufacturers and factory users.

  Airflow pulverizer is one of the effective equipment of the carbon powder deep, it can processed toner to 3-10 microns, And to ensure the purity of the raw material, the improvement rate of the gas flow crusher production toner produced by Shandong Erfa can have the international advanced level. There are currently many mature cases. As a gas flow pulverizer of deep processing equipment, its pulverization particle size and Efficiency has been significantly advantageous, and thus gets favor of users. However, the particle size and yield of the airflow mill are not unchanged. Let's take a look at what factors can affect the particle size and production of the airflow pulverizer.

  After years of practical applications, we know that the parameters affecting the production and particle size of gas flow crushers are: grading wheel speed, nozzle size, grinding gas pressure, feed speed, air supply.

  In the premise of other parameters constant, these influencing factors are:

  1, the size of the nozzle: refers to the minimum diameter of the flow cross section of the nozzle. The size of the nozzle directly affects the size of the median, nozzle throat The smaller the diameter, the smaller the average particle size; however, the impact on large particles is not large, and the number of small particles will increase. As the product particle size is small, the yield will change accordingly.

  2, the grading wheel speed: Directly affect the size of the product, the size of the maximum particles. The higher the grading wheel speed, the smaller the particle size of the maximum particles. The adjustment of the grading wheel speed can be adjusted on the "up-regulation / down-regulation" button on the inverter control. Grinding gas pressure: directly affecting yield and particle size. The larger the polishing pressure, the larger the product output, the smaller the particle size.

  4, the feed speed: directly affect the grinding effect. The slower the speed of feeding The better the grinding effect. The feed speed can be controlled by the manual butterfly valve, while the switch of the feed motor can also be controlled by the current of the grading wheel motor. The current of the hierarchy wheel can be reflectedThe abrasive matter is worn, and the material is more, the grading wheel load increases, and the motor current has increased, and the disc is lowered. When the current of the hierarchical wheel motor reaches the upper limit of the set, the feed motor stops; until the current drops to the set lower limit, the feed motor is re-operated. According to the abrasive effect, the reasonable feed is selected to ensure that the graded turning motor current is operated in a stable range, and the material is fit in the grinding chamber, which is basically equal to the nozzle or slightly low, so it is necessary to select a reasonable current upper lower limit. Value.

  5, the wind turbine fluid air volume: directly affect the yield, yield, if the wind turns large, too much coarse powder is sucked into the dust collector, resulting in the difficulty of the cyclone; if the wind turns small, it is not conducive to The material flows, causing the stack in the grinding chamber, affecting the yield and abrasive effect. The air volume is adjusted by the regulating valve exit the dust collector. . In the network rankings of the annual gas flow crusher manufacturers, Shandong Erman won the first place.

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