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How does the gas flow crusher reduce energy consumption? Can start from these points!

  When the airflow mill is used, the advantage is that the wear surface is relatively small, and the material is not easy to deposit. The impact force is also very large, and the efficiency of pulverization equipment and the fineness of the fineness are the same. It is also very widely used in the range of use. It is also very fine. It is also a typical material. It is also a super hard diamond. The high purity crushing requirements are also very high, and it is usually used in many industries. It is very large for drugs. importance.

  Inadvertent airflow pulverizer in the powder processing industry, it is a leader in the dry crushing equipment, not only because of its high precision and high efficiency conquering many users, but also The finished product has a good dispersibility, narrow particle size, high activity, high purity, and good shape, which is favored by users. The airflow pulverizer has excellent performance, but the energy consumption is higher than the traditional crushing equipment, so it is generally used in rare and high value-of-value materials.

  In recent years, airflow crusher manufacturers have been committed to developing a energy-saving airflow pulverizer to adapt to market demand and expand its application range, how to reduce the energy of the airflow crusher Consumption? At present, you can start from the following points:First, you need to experiment to determine the best process parameters, such as crushing pressure, temperature, grading speed, etc., and to determine the technical indicators of the supporting equipment by experiment.

  Other, motor and structures for supporting equipment, select energy-saving products or design.

  Finally, when the equipment is commissioned, the technical indicators are adjusted to the optimal working range of the airflow pulverizer.

  According to the actual operation experience of the airflow pulverizer, after reasonable equipment selection, system matching, energy-saving debugging, the energy consumption can save 100-1000 yuan.

  As a three-year-old technological solution and powerful production capacity, a deep technical heritage and powerful production capacity in the airflow pulverizer, according to the hundreds of successful cases accumulated for many years, Shandong El Pie can tailor system solutions according to different raw materials and different machining requirements of users.

  If the product has a quality problem, it is implemented, the replacement, and retreats "three-package terms". From the date of warranty of the equipment, customers have the whole machine with invoice and warranty vouchers. Free warranty for one year "quality insurance"The equipment during the warranty period is under normal use, except for the ALPA due to the maintenance of the unit itself, except for the ALPA, except for the damaged parts.