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Pearl rock gas flow crusher how you know?

  The inert gas protective gas flow grinding timely release static electricity and eliminating ignition source. The pulsed anti-blow collector can eliminate static electricity in time, while ensuring the pulse clear ash clean thoroughness. The equipment is all metal components, all grounded to try to release powder static electricity.

  In the pulverization classification of pearl rocks, I usually use the MQW airflow pulverizer to be done, but do you know how the air current crusher is smashing the pearl rock to a micron powder? Let's take a look along with Xiaobian.

  The MQW airflow pulverizer is a huge kinetic energy using the material under the action of the high-speed airflow. It results in a severe friction between the high-speed collisions and the particles in the grinding chamber. At the same time, the high-speed airflow has a shear effect on the material to achieve the purpose of crushing materials. It can processes raw materials into very fine powder.

  The difference between the MQW airflow pulverizer and the traditional mechanical pulverizer is that its special pulverization mechanism is the mutual impact between the raw material particles itself, and the raw material is pulled with each other by the supersonic airflow to achieve a crushing, this Ways allow material to contact the inner wall in the inner wall, effectively prevent equipment wear, and also guarantee that the raw materials are not contaminated with metal, so the MQW airflow pulverizer is more popular in the preparation of superhard materials.

  At present, the MQW airflow pulverizer is applied to pearl rocks, and its applicable scope has almost included all dry fine powder, including chemical, ore, metal, battery, new materials, super hard functional materials, rare earths, etc., and Shandong Erli's continuous introduction, currently a new generation of MQW airflow crushers over a step of crushing efficiency, yield and safety, broadens its application. In terms of quality inspection, ALPA powder technology is particularly stricter. It is well known that a manufacturing process of a ultrafine powder is often up to hundreds. As a special equipment, the airflow pulverizer is like a special process, and it is possible to make a big disaster. Therefore, ALPA powder technology has established seven process stop points in the production process, which is strictly controlled by different engineers, and each other is independent and mutual supervision, and it is timely discovery and solve the problem. Any detail is unqualified, it is unable to enter the proceeding process, which is the quality monitoring of AlPa powder technology to the production process.