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Carbonized Airflow Crusher Maintenance Guide - Regular cleaning

  When the airflow mill is used, the advantage is that the wear surface is relatively small, and the material is not easy to deposit. The impact force is also very large, and the efficiency of pulverization equipment and the fineness of the fineness are the same. It is also very widely used in the range of use. It is also very fine. It is also a typical material. It is also a super hard diamond. The high purity crushing requirements are also very high, and it is usually used in many industries. It is very large for drugs. importance.The silicon carbide gas flow pulverizer is a special equipment launched by Shandong El Pie, which is based on the company's independently developed fluidized bed mill, adding lining inside the equipment. To achieve anti-fouling resistance. The silicon carbide gas current pulverizer can processed the feedstock to 3-20 microns, and can adjust the particle size arbitrarily, which is a good helper in silicon carbide processing.

  The silicon carbide gas flow pulverizer After investing, in addition to the daily correct operation, it also requires timing maintenance, which can not only reduce the failure rate, but also prolong the equipment life. Started silicon carbide gas flow crusher should focus on these points:

  (1) The motor should be lubricated regularly, but the grease should not be too much to prevent the bearing temperature too high.

  (2) The wear of the graded impeller, the helical feeder, and the pulverized nozzle should be observed that the tension of the belt should be appropriate.

  (3) After pulverizing the material for a period of time, the powder attached to the machine should be cleaned to avoid clogging, thereby affecting the crushing effect.

  (4) After the filter bag is used, it must be cleaned or replaced.

  Sticonarized silicon carbide gas current pulverizer Precautions in the examination:

  (1) When the unloader is running, the discharge port cannot be extended in hand to avoid accidents.

  (2) The speed of the impeller should not exceed the specified value, otherwise the temperature is too high, the impeller and the electric chance are damaged.

  (3) Check the safety valve periodically to ensure safety.

  The silicon carbide gas flow crusher produced by Yeli, Shandong Province has higher awareness in the domestic market. Many practical applications highlight the applicability of Shandong Erfai carbide gas flow crushers, and our equipment failure is low, Performance is stable, getting a good review of users.

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