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Which type of graphite ultrafine pulverizer? What is the advantage?

  Industry analysts said that with the advancement of scientific and technological progress, manufacturing process improvement, my country's market on micro-powder and ultrafine powder is continuously improved, and the importance of gas flow grinding is increasingly prominent. The downstream application is constantly Expansion, the industry has a good prospect. At the same time, the application of high-performance materials and new materials has also made my country's market automation, intelligence, and high precision requirements in China, and upgrades to high-tech content to the inevitable trend of my country's gas flow grinding industry.

  Graphite fine powder is often used in battery, metallurgy, chemical, electronic semiconductor, solar, oil, aviation, aerospace and other industries. It is very wide, in the preparation of graphite, MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer Have a praise from many users, the product has: full-negative pressure design, high grading precision, particle size plastic, low energy consumption, small wear. The reason why the graphite ultrafine pulverizer will be favored, depending on its special crushing mechanism and performance advantage.

  The pulverization mechanism of the graphite ultrafine pulverizer is that after the material is rough, the feed device is delivered to the host pulverizing cavity, and the material and the high-speed rotary device and the particles are impact each other. Collision, friction, shear, and extrusion, ultrafine pulverization. After the pulverized material is conveyed to the impeller grading area, under the action of grading wheel effort and fan effusion, the separation of coarse powder is collected by the cyclone collector, and the unqualified powder is divided by within. The machine returns a pulverized cavity again, and the purified gas is discharged from the air blower.

  When the graphite ultrafine pulverizer is prepared in graphite:

  1, low energy consumption: set the centrifugation, shock, crushing, squeezing, more than 30% of the same mechanical pulverizer;

  2, high fineness: equipped with high precision classification system, product fineness adjustable, can achieve ultra-narrow normal distribution curve materials.

  3, low wear: Crushing part of the lifescale uses composite wear-resistant new materials, long life, and material materials for processing Moh's hardness ≤ 5, there is almost no pollution.

  4, mechanical stability is strong: can be produced for a long time 24 hours.

  5, negative pressure production, no dust pollution, excellent environment.

  6, the device has a plastic function.

  7, high purity: can be produced according to material requirements, special personalized accessories, make productionThere is no secondary pollution during the process to ensure the purity of the product.

  8, high automation, strong stability, easy operation.

  After years of practical application, the MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer for graphite ultrafine pulverization machine is more suitable. At present, MQL mechanical ultra-microfiner has a higher reputation in many different graphite processing companies in China. The market share is high, widely used in graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) crushing and grading mass production.

  At the same time, AlPA loves powder technology with its own excessive quality and good market reputation, and has also gained more and more new customers, Hongrun Petrochemical, three trees coatings. , Ningde Times, BYD Automobile and other enterprises have selected AlPA Love Powder Crusher Products under their own demand.