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Ceramic melt block ultrafine pulverized need to use MQW-400 gas flow pulverizer

  Airflow mill refers to a high-voltage gas generated by high pressure gases, causing material particles to collide with each other, or impacts the material particles and fixing plates to collide with a mechanical apparatus for pulverizing material purposes. Airflow milling can produce multiple particle size products at a time, with high dust intensity, less dust, low noise, convenient maintenance, simple operation, etc., is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, food and other industries Product pulveration field.

  Ceramic fused block is a glass; a certain raw material composition, which is cooled by high temperature heat; it has a transeous, stability, etc., which is applied to various utensils, firing It is a thin layer of glass. The grinding apparatus of the ceramic fuse is usually used with a gas flow pulverizer. The airflow pulverizer produced by Erli, Shandong is MQW-400, which has a small wear, high purity, and high yield. Features.

  The MQW-400 gas flow pulverizer is one of the main products of Shandong Erp, which is the formation of purified and dry compressed air through a certain shape of special nozzles. The airflow of 3600 kilometers per hour is collided with each other in a closed pulverizing chamber with its huge kinetic energy. Make the material of the Moh's hardness 1-10 into ultrafine powder. The size and yield of the desired microparticles can be effectively controlled by adjusting the working parameters of the pulverization grader.

  When the airflow pulverizer is prepared by the ceramic melt, it has the following advantages:

  1, the energy consumption is low, can save 30% compared to the traditional fluidized bed airflow pulverizer.

  2, built-in self-concentrated micro-powder classifier, particle size distribution concentration, no excessive particles in finished products.

  3, the equipment is compact, covering a small area.

  4, there is no stock in the crushing box, no dead angles are easy to remove, disinfect, and the varieties are convenient, and the GMP requirements are met.

  5, low temperature without medium, especially suitable for low melting point, thermal sensitivity, sugar and volatile material.

  6. For flammable, explosive materials can be fully enclosed with an inert gas as a medium, an inert gas circulation, and the loss is extremely low.

  7, widely pulverized particle size, the finished product particle size is determined in the range of 3 to 180um; the model is complete, the output is 1 ~ 3000kg / h.

  8, negative pressureProduction, no dust pollution, excellent environment.

  9, high automation, strong stability, easy operation.

  MQW-400 gas flow pulverizer can not only be used in the ultrafine pulverization of ceramic melting blocks, but in other special materials, it is still protruding, such as super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., high purity requirements of ceramic color. Materials, medicine, biochemistry, etc., the airflow pulverizer has almost incorporates all dry materials range, and is the leader in the new generation of high-tech equipment. ALPA is located in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Park, Anqiu City, Weifang City, Shandong Province, has more than 50,000 square meters of machinery production bases and modern management system, since its establishment, in mind "pink technology The future of advanced materials, adhering to the values ​​of "compliance, and mixed parties", formulating "not seeking all, but seeking" talents, and cooperating with multiple colleges and universities to sign the "Production Research" development plan.