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What product characteristics have been used for ultra-micro gas flow crushers for lithium manganate?

  Agricultural products are organic compounds, which are life-life organisms, but not only require crushing should reach the specified physics, chemical and microbiological indicators, but should also consider their biological characteristics such as toughness, elasticity, viscoelasticity and pulverizing strength. Easy (such as water content, growth period, etc.) and features that are easy to rot. The ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will have a large market prospect, economic benefits and social benefits in agricultural products.

  Lithium manganese acid has the advantage of low price, high potential, high environment, and high safety performance. It is the most desirable substitution of lithium-ion battery in the new generation of lithium ion batteries. In the preparation of lithium manganganate, the ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer occupies an important position. Only after the fine processing of the ultra-micro gas flow crusher, lithium manganate can be put into use smoothly, so in many positive material processing enterprises, the figure of the ultra-micro gas flow crusher is always everywhere, and the following small series is It is said that there is a product characteristic of the ultramicant gas flow pulverizer for lithium manganese acid.

  1. The ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer of lithium manganate can operate only if it is required to compress air, and do not need to purchase a grading device, and the device itself has an automatic gaseous classification device.

  2. The energy consumption is low, and the airflow is crushing itself is a high energy consumption, and our equipment is optimized. Consumption.

  3. The entire system is made of stainless steel, the internal mirror is 0.2 microns polished, reducing the adhesion and loss of materials

  4. The cyclone collection system can effectively reduce the loss of materials and cannot guarantee efficient collection products. Avoid production losses of raw materials.

  5. With twin screw feeding, it can be effectively stable and stable, ensuring stable particle size distribution.

  6. Easy to clean and install, no special tools can be disassembled.

  7. Adjustable angle of nozzle, flexible operation

  8. The particle size distribution is narrow, the powder is low, and the energy consumption is effectively reduced.

  9. Can be pulverized with an isolation cover or aseptic equipment

  10. The dust removal device can ensure that the end exhaust gas is discharged directly into the atmosphere without polluting the environment


  The MQW series super-micro-gas flow pulverizer produced by Erli, Shandong is often used in a positive material such as lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, and the series airflow pulverizer is wide, from soft vegetables, to The hard diamond can be pulverized. Since the compressed air is accelerated, it has a sharp heat-inspiration, thereby forming a constant temperature in the pulverizing chamber, and does not produce temperature due to mechanical operation, and the chemical properties of material will not change. ALPA adheres to the customer-oriented, service as the core, quality as the business philosophy of life, and adheres to the service standards of formation, limited time, standardization, value-added, and all Process, all-weather S530 service commitment to provide customers with but not limited to project consultation, feasibility analysis, craftsmanship, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, quality of Miles, etc. EPC project summary service.