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Which gas flow crusher is smashed into 1200 meat?

  According to the physical properties of the battery powder, the physical properties of the negative electrode material, using different devices to perform pulverization grading to achieve the optimum output ratio. According to the large number of successful cases of many companies and battery powders, I use our battery powder special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effectively reducing the use of production equipment) to achieve the effect of pulverization; for lithium batteries, The nickel-hydrogen battery specific material can be pulverized by fluidized bed. High purity requirements, anti-oxidation can be used with inert gas protection pulverization charters, isolated oxygen sealing production.

  Cistanche is an extremely valuable Chinese herbal medicine because it is more rare, with high value, so in the preparation of the meat, it is quite picky, one is to maximize the guarantee of raw materials. The collection rate prevents the raw material loss; the second is to ensure the pureness of the raw material and prevent contamination. At present, the industry usually uses the MQW airflow pulverizer for pulverization grading grading, through many practical applications, the MQW airflow pulverizer is obvious in the application of Cistanche.

  MQW airflow pulverizer can be widely used in medical, food, chemicals, minerals, new materials, etc.

  MQW airflow pulverizer is based on the composition of Western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, food raw materials, different production requirements and dedicated equipment for manufacturing production. Its main features are as follows:

  1. No dust pollution during processing, ensuring the clean and dryness of the environment.

  2, the airflow pulverizer can reach the cell breakage effect, completely release the pharmaceutical properties of the drug.

  3, low temperature pulverization, can prevent the drug changes of drugs.

  4, which can produce different fineness drugs, increase the practical scope of drugs.

  5, using a bag dust removal, the collection rate is 99%, which effectively reduces the loss of raw materials.

  6, the material is in line with the medical GMP certification standard.

  In many cases, Xinjiang customers use MQW airflow pulverizer to smash the meat lache to 1200 megadownload, and require narrow particle size to ensure purity of raw materials. After the actual application, the MQW airflow pulverizer fully meets user needs. As an advocate of energy-saving and environmental protection technology, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology is in product development, corporate textAnd the contribution to the global society is entering into the new era. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of Shandong AlPa Powder Technology, Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has established close cooperative relations with customers. Shandong AlPa Powder Technology Sales Network is overwriting the whole country, but also sells world trends, based on industry trend change and channel change needs, Shandong ALPA powder technology divides sales operations into three major blocks, namely: operator channels , E-commerce and traditional channels of three parallel operations, e-commerce as an enterprise new entry point, using different sales strategies to support forward.