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Do you know the two main functions of the airflow crushing machine?

  Inert gas protective gas flow milling circulating air cooling. Because the system is a closed circuit loop system, there are multiple moving parts inside the device, and a certain temperature is generated in the high speed movement, while the temperature is critical to safety in the machining. Therefore, a heat sink cooler is installed on the pipe, which can effectively reduce the safety hazard caused by the equipment for a long time or in high temperature environment.

  The powder used in the modern industry, the product particle size is distributed within a certain range, but the particle size distribution of the powder in many crushing equipment on the market is broader than the required range, mostly difficult fulfil requirements. Therefore, there is an emergence of airflow pulverization grades. The equipment is perfectly broken down to become a common processing equipment in industrial production. Here, look at the two main functions of the airflow crushing machine.

  First, in the ultrafine pulverization process, as the pulverization time is prolonged, the material particle size is gradually reduced; at the same time, the specific surface area of ​​the material is gradually increased, and the surface energy is also increased. Thus, the trend of micro particles mutual agglomeration has gradually enhanced. After a certain period of time, ultrafine pulverization is in the dynamic balance process of pulverizing agglomeration, that is, the so-called pulverization limit. In this state, even if the pulverization time is prolonged, it is difficult to reduce the particle size, sometimes even the apparent particle size of the product becomes thick. In order to increase the pulverization efficiency and reduce energy consumption, in addition to the improving pulverizer and adding a molcher (or dispersant) in the pulverizer, it is important to divide the qualified fine-grained product to avoid qualified fine grain levels. The material is grinding in the mill. To this end, a fine classification device for setting the rate in the ultrafine pulverization process.

  Secondly, the application of powder related applications, such as microelectronics, ceramics, abrasives, paper fillers and coatings, plastics and rubber fillers, coating pigments or fillers, toners, etc. There must be a certain requirement, some requirements are more stringent, only fine grading of the subsequent products of the ultrafine powder. Therefore, there are two main effects of the airflow pulverization grader: one is to increase the pulverization efficiency, reducing the agglomeration of fine particles in pulverization; Second, the fineness and particle size distribution of the product is ensured.

  The above introduces two main functions of the airflow crushing charter, everyone will see if this kind of equipment will be better? Shandong Erpa is a manufacturer specializing in the production of gas flow, picking up the freedom experiment and testing, andProvide 24-hour online consultation service, welcome new and old users to consult! For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided industrial powder equipment to manufacture quality, and continuously precipitates, creating a process standard for digitalization, welding automation, and molding. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.