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Which airflow pulverizer is good for boron carbide pulverization?

  The traditional Chinese herbal medicinal material is performed by gas flow, but also has the characteristics of processing non-pollution, maintaining the original chemical properties of the substance, and the characteristics of the powder shape, but can make the Chinese medicine materials have a unique small size effect, surface or interface effect. Wait, thereby exhibiting many excellent properties; the drug will have new advantages such as quantitative, easy to absorb, specificity, targeting when the drug is pulverized to 10 μm to 1 μm. It is more fully able to give full play to the effects of drugs, improve the efficacy, and reduce the economic burden of patients.The boron carbide due to low density, high strength, high temperature stability, and good chemical stability. In wear-resistant materials, ceramic reinforced phase, especially in light armor, reactor neutron absorbent, etc.. In the pulverized grading of boron carbide, the manner is usually carried out using a gas flow pulverizer. But the airflow crusher brand on the market is numerous, which is better to use which gas flow crusher is better? Let's take a look.

  After many practical cases show that the mqw type gas flow crusher is excellent with MQW type gas flow, which has the following advantages than the same type of gas flow pulverizer: 1, The MQW type gas flow pulverizer has been innovative on the basis of the original airflow pulverizer; in the same energy consumption, the production is 30% higher than the traditional gas flow pulverizer, and the finished particle size can be adjusted according to the user requirements.

  2 It is more convenient.

  3, the hierarchical machine bearing room uses a unique design, and the traditional bearing cover is changed to the bearing chamber force, the transmission is more stable, the operation is more reliable, the graded wheel blade is made of wear-resistant high manganese material, anti-wear Strong, suitable for hierarchical grading.

  4, the product particle size can produce a narrow product with the user's demand, 1 to 4 classifier, and the particle size can reach D97 = 3 to 150 um.

  5, ceramic liner airflow pulverization grading machine, anti-wear, compact equipment structure, convenient and easy to clean, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. Especially suitable for high hardness, high purity, and high value-added materials.

  MQW gas flow pulverizer is a new device of Shandong Erpai, which is a new generation of gas streams that have been continuously developed, updated technology and optimization.Machine, user experience is good, especially in the preparation of superhard materials such as boron carbide, diamonds.

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