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Do you know these 4 points you should follow when using a gas flow crusher?

  Agricultural products are organic compounds, which are life-life organisms, but not only require crushing should reach the specified physics, chemical and microbiological indicators, but should also consider their biological characteristics such as toughness, elasticity, viscoelasticity and pulverizing strength. Easy (such as water content, growth period, etc.) and features that are easy to rot. The ultrafine pulverization technology of gas flow mills will have a large market prospect, economic benefits and social benefits in agricultural products.When the airflow pulverizer works, the material that needs to be pulverized from the feeder of the side of the machine cover is added to the machine, relying on the grinding roller apparatus suspended on the main chamber frame, and rotates around the vertical axis, and itself Self-rotation, due to the action of centrifugation, the grinding roller is swing out, it is pressed against the mill, and the shovel is applied between the mill and the mill, and the purpose of the pulverizing material is achieved due to rolling rolling of the grinding roller. . Warlective process: After the material is ground, the fan blows the wind into the main casing, blows the powder, and is selected from the analyzer above the grinding room, and the fine material is refined into the grinding chamber. The style of constructing the wind entering the cyclone collector, and after collecting the powder, it is the finished product. The wind flow is reflected in the fan in the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The wind path is cycled, and the flow of the circulating wind turntable in the negative pressure state increases the exhaust gas pipeline of the circulating wind turbine and the middle of the mainframe, enter the small cyclone collection Purification processing.

  1. In order to make the ultrafine mill powder machine normal, the equipment "equipment maintenance safety operation system" can guarantee the long-term overall grinding machine Safe operation, there is a need for maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories.

  2. When the grinding roller device of the airflow pulverizer is replaced by more than 500 hours, each of the rolling bearings within the roll must be cleaned, damaging the damper. Should be replaced in time, the refueling tool can be manually fuel pumps and butter guns.

  3. The airflow pulverizer is in the process of use, and there should be a fixed personnel to take place, and the operator must have a certain level of technology. Ultrafine mills must make the necessary technical training before installation, making it understand the principles of ultrafine milling machines, familiar with the operating procedures.

  4. After the airflow pulverizer is used for a while, it should be repaired, and the wear parts such as the mill grinding ring blade are maintenance and replacement processing, and the grinding roller device is used before and after use. Carefully check the connection bolt nuts to see if there is loose phenomenon, and whether the lubricating oil is addressed.

  ALPA provides customers with installation guidance services, after the equipment enters the field, the service engineer will go to the on-site guidance installation and provide system training for customer operators. During the practice of technicians, the training lecturers will continue to follow up the operational project to ensure that the project is organized, and the production line is stable and efficient.