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How to deal with the gas flow crushing machine?

  According to the physical properties of the battery powder, the physical properties of the negative electrode material, using different devices to perform pulverization grading to achieve the optimum output ratio. According to the large number of successful cases of many companies and battery powders, I use our battery powder special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effectively reducing the use of production equipment) to achieve the effect of pulverization; for lithium batteries, The nickel-hydrogen battery specific material can be pulverized by fluidized bed. High purity requirements, anti-oxidation can be used with inert gas protection pulverization charters, isolated oxygen sealing production.

  The difference between the airflow pulverizer and the traditional pulverizer is that the product is smoked finer, the raw material particle size of the gas flow crusher is narrower, and the particle size is more uniform. Airflow pulverizer can be applied to ore, chemical, new energy, new materials, metal, rare earths and other fields, and in the case of setting parameters, the fineness of the gas flow pulverizer can remain unchanged for a long time. Because the particle size of the airflow pulverizer will be affected by factors such as the degree of air volume, grading wheel speed and feed amount and partner wear, let's take a look at the gas flow crushing machine processing granules through thick or too minus.

  When the fineness is excellent: If the component is the maximum, the amount of feed is reduced, and the frequency of the high classifier is adjusted; if it is not required to pay attention, Air volume. This is repeatedly adjusted, finding and achieving the fineness requirements and the control point for optimal yield.

  When the fineness is too thin: first increase the air volume, if the air volume is the maximum, the amount of feed is reduced, and the amount of feed is increased. This is repeatedly adjusted, finding and achieving the fineness requirements and the control point for optimal yield. Such as the airflow pulverizer produces low-grade feed, the fineness requirements are not high, only the amount of air volume is maximized, and the frequency of the classification wheel is reduced and the amount of feeding is increased.

  In a moment, some larger particles that are not smashed to a specified fineness may be close to the middle of the swirl field, due to the gas flow, so that the impeller side gap overflows, enters the product, so that the product The particle size range is wide, and the average particle size is increased, which reduces the quality of the product, especially when the gas gains in the grinding chamber are large or the feed is not uniform, and this effect is greater.

  After adding a built-in hierarchical impeller, since the high speed of the impeller is operated, the inner cyclone flow field is stabilized, and the undulfined large particles are always stabilized in the pulverization zone. Enhance effective collision opportunities under the action of high-speed airflow,Improve the pulverization efficiency.

  The adjustment of the feed speed determines the residence time of the material in the grinding chamber. The feed speed is low, the residence time is long, the number of particle cycles is increased, and the pulverization is small. However, the feed rate is low, the number of particles in unit volume is small, and the collision chance between particles will be reduced, and the grain size is large; the feed speed is too high, and the crush is also unfavorable.

  From the above, the processing fineness of the airflow pulverizer is related to the setting of each parameter. To reach the demand fineness, set the parameters reasonably. For more information on gas flow crusher, please continue to pay attention to Shandong Erp, we provide 24-hour call consulting services.

  Strengthening environmental protection and reducing climate change risk is the necessary conditions for enterprise development, all the awareness of AlPA has from the perspective of creating a beautiful environment, abide by the "green development, environmental priority", As the power source, the industrial waste is used as a power source, which is a circular economy solution for high value-added integrated use of high value-added industrial solid waste in fly ash, slag, steel slag, tailings, poisters, pool mud.