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Airflow pulverizer realizes simplified operation and production of production

  Fluidized Bed Grinding is the main model of gas flow grinding. It has obvious advantages compared to other crushing equipment, which represents the mainstream direction of gas flow crushing equipment, widely used in pharmaceutical, traditional Chinese medicine, pesticide, chemical, metallurgy. Non-metallic mine, talc, heavy gold stone, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant materials, advanced materials, ceramics and other dry powder materials.

  The airflow pulverizer increases from 10-20% compared to other pulverizations, and the mineral materials within 10 levels of Moques hardness can be machined. The particle size distribution of finished products is narrow, and the particle size is generally up to 200 to 5,000 mesh, and the abrasive device is used with overlapping multi-stage seals.

  The pulverization chamber of the airflow pulverizer and the innovative design of the pulverized nozzle make the equipment have superior pulverization capabilities. The grading principle is a host system, a host system, a hierarchy, a hierarchy, a hierarchy, a hierarchy, a hierarchy, a host system, a hierarchy component, a hierarchy component, a grader component, a superior capability, a classifying unit, and a dominant germplating unit, and a hierarchy component. In addition, in terms of the design of the system, the feed system is used between the mechatronics and the principle of intelligence control. When the system equipment is produced, the operation is achieved, the production is simplified, the stability of the product quality of the finished product is achieved. Because the airflow pulverizer is pulverized according to the self-grinding principle of the material, the pulverizing the cavity has less contamination of the product, and therefore particularly suitable for drugs such as drugs such as metal and other impurities.

  The airflow pulverizer has extremely high fine pulverized effect during the pulverization process, followed by high strength, impact resistant material between the main supplement, and can continue to stabilize under the conditions of long-term high speed rotation cutting. Long equipment life; the user is also very safe and reliable during the specific operation, the maintenance and maintenance is convenient, the maintenance is low, and the output of the crusher in industrial production is high, the energy consumption is also relatively low, green and environmentally friendly, the external noise Small, will not hinder the surrounding environment.

  Airflow pulverizer is fully developed by impact, shear, mutual strike, grinding, etc. At the time of operation, the material can be sufficient and effective in the crushing chamber, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge, and dust removal devices in the whole system, reduce dust pollution caused during production process ZUI is low, so when using the equipment, the noise is low, no pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

  In the future, ALPA powder technology will further expand its pattern in the Colombian market, and with Colombia as entry point, gradually radiate Brazil, Chile, etc., is expected to open new situation for the South American market. . At the same time, the high-light performance in the powder equipment industry, AlPa powder technology has played a positive role in the high-endization and international image of its brand, and further consolidated the leadership of its energy-saving and environmentally friendly powder equipment. Providing a good development idea for the world's powder equipment and even Chinese brands.