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Manufacturer introduces the principles of laboratory airflow pulverizer for you

  Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier The entire production line is running through full enclosed negative pressure cycle, most of which use PLC programming control, minimizing people as operating and controlling factors, can be placed in a separate control room, packaging The automatic packaging machine is used, and the on-site observation uses the monitoring probe, which can be completely unattended.The laboratory airflow pulverizer is also a small airflow pulverizer, commonly used in university laboratories, corporate laboratories, research institutions, etc., because it covers a small area, easy to operate, crushing effect and large air flow pulverizer Nothing. A small amount of material is injected one-time, or it can be put into production and processing in a row to meet the diversification needs of users.

  The laboratory airflow pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverization of dry material by high-speed airflow. It consists of a jet mill, a cyclone collector, a dust collector, a guide fan, and a resistor cabinet. It is characterized by high recovery and cleaning by using compressed air. It is especially suitable for the frequent replacement of the powder. It is used in powdered high hardness and brittle materials such as zirconium sand and oxidation. Various fillers such as zirconium, silica, alumina, calcium carbonate, carbon black, AC foaming agent, coating, phosphor, plastic, and rubber, and pearl powder. Therefore, it is popular with chemicals and minerals (such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, quartz, talc, heavy crystal stone, graphite and other non-metallic minerals), abrasive, ceramics, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food and other industries. material.

  Laboratory airflow pulverizer working principle: The power of the machine uses purification and dry compressed air. The compressed air is sprayed to the crushing chamber at high speed over a special supersonic nozzle. The airflow has a high speed movement of the material, causing strong collision, friction and shear between materials and materials, thereby achieving breaking. Outlet, enter the collection system. The pulverized material rises into the classification chamber to meet the particle size required by the particle size, and the particles do not reach the particle size required to continue pulverization. The entire production process is fully closed, continuous operation, no dust pollution, purified by dust removal, filtration.

  Laboratory airflow pulverizer technical features:

  1. High purity, non-polluting, unique crushing cavity and grading wheel design, so that the product has no impurities and improves product purity.

  2. Granular concentration: The vertical impeller used in the machine is classified. Stable grading technology and specialSealing measures effectively prevent leakage of crude particles, so that the product does not have large particles and concentrated particles.

  3. Structure is reasonable: 1-6 granular products can be produced simultaneously according to user requirements.

  4. High degree of automation: The impeller grading machine at all levels adopts electronic frequency modulated regulation, automatic circulation dust removal process, realizing electronic control, automatic cleaning, and improving the mechanical negative pressure stability.

  Laboratory airflow pulverizer for China's universities and research institutions, including Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China Nuclear Industry. Ninth Physics Research Institute, Xi'an 213, China Weapon Industry, Guangzhou Non-Colored Metal Research Institute, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute, Jilin University, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Mine Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry, Oriental Pharmaceutical Industry, Lanzhou University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an Yuanfei Aviation Technology, Nanjing University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Central Southern University and other uniform recognition, small pharmaceutical and food industry The MQW-100 airflow pulverizer is also selected as industrial processing.

  ALPA Powder Technology has always adhered to the initial heart, helping all walks of life to increase the intensity of ecological environment, accelerating the pace of industrial adjustment and upgrading, driving the air quality continuous improvement, and strive to achieve high quality. In the future, ALPA Powder Technology will adhere to the "high-quality design, high quality development" concept, and actively contribute to the construction of social and economic development and ecological civilization. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, a solid foundation for the social environment and the health and sustainable development of enterprises, providing a solid guarantee for further economic benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits.