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Nitrogen protection airflow pulverizer What functions are more than traditional equipment?

  Fluidized bed gas flow is widely used in various industries, continuously pulverized, can keep the purity of the pulverized product, short smashing time, simple structure, the fluidized bed of the after-sales, easy to operate, small area, low area Noise! ​​

  Nitrogen protection airflow pulverizer is suitable for pulverization of explosive and easy oxidation, is well pulverized, stability, safety, and compact equipment, compact equipment, compact, and compact equipment. Inner and outer wall polishing, crushing box without storage, nitrogen protection airflow pulverizer, no dead angle, easy to clean, meet GMP requirements.

  The material collides with each other, can process the material of Moh's hardness 1-10, and the product is free of iron contamination, and the mixed pulverization of several materials can be carried out; the original grade flow field Technology, can achieve good pulverization efficiency and strict particle size distribution, the pulverized particle size can be adjusted between 2-74 um, can serve as submicron-level, small material loss; the entire system uses a touch screen automatic control system to achieve a one-click check Stop, easy to operate, and can be coupled to the DCS system to achieve remote control.

  Nitrogen protection airflow pulverizer What functions have been generally pulverized compared to the general pulverizer:

  1, isolated oxygen: before the start is started, first use nitrogen to change the air in the closed circulatory system, and close the feeding, the discharge system can be Will be added, and the air brought into the unloading process is replaced with nitrogen gas, maintaining the oxygen in the system, which is basically stable. In the pulverization process, the tester contains the tester to monitor the oxygen content in the airflow, and the nitrogen is immediately supplemented with more than a certain degree, so that its oxygen is always maintained within the safety production standard.

  2, control gas powder concentration: The feeding system is a fully enclosed, uniform speed, and is controlled by the control cabinet. Fully enclose the effect of isolating oxygen, uniform speed, controls the material concentration inside the added device, and can be arranged any. The material that is evenly added to the device is accumulated inside the device, and the security is not guaranteed. Therefore, the outer shape of the device, such as the bending angle of the pipe, the shape of each component, etc., by scientific calculation, eliminating the dead angle inside the device, and the powder is not accumulated in the pipe through the driving of the high-speed airflow in the equipment.

  3, timely release of static electricity and elimination of fire: pulsed anti-blow collector with carbon wire special filter material, can eliminate static electricity in time while ensuring pulse clear ash clean thoroughly. Nitrogen protection airflowThe machine is all metal components, all grounded, and releases the static electricity of the powder.

  4, circulating air cooling: due to the system is a closed circuit circulation system, there are multiple moving components inside the device, and a certain temperature is generated in the high speed movement, while the temperature is critical to the safety of the machining. Therefore, a heat sink cooler is installed on the pipe, which can effectively reduce the safety hazard caused by the equipment for a long time or in high temperature environment.

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