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These three improvements have enhanced airflow pulverizer

  Airflow milling for drugs, the drug particles after micronization mainly include: increase the specific surface area of ​​the powder powder, a more compact PSD (particle distribution size), more uniform size, better powder control characteristics ( Suspension, dispersion and absorption), more predictable powder properties, color consistency, gloss, opacity.

  Domestic airflow crusher companies have faced a lot of problems, such as the company's scale is too small, and the grades cannot be equal, but in the past few years, the airflow crusher industry has continuously improved, so It also increases its competitive fierce. Mainly in the three aspects of the gas source, raw material supply and grading.

  The gas source is the driving force of the gas flow pulverizer, and the requirements for compressed air can be between 0.7-0.8MPa, keep pressure stability, even if there is fluctuations, but frequent frequency should not be too high. Otherwise, affect the quality of the product. Secondly, the quality of gas is required, and the compressed air should be purified. Crushing is higher.

  Raw material supply is to increase the raw material in the raw material in the raw material, and then feed the raw material into the pulverization chamber of the gas flow pulverizer by the transfusion valve. The speed of the raw material conveyor conveying feedstock is relatively stable with the concentration of the raw material and air mixing of the pulverized chamber. The comminuted interior is symmetrically mounted with two pairs of nozzles, and the compressed air forms the supersonic airflow to form a raw material to speed up, colliding with each other, pulverizing the raw material into ultrafine powder, pulverized effect, and nozzle inner diameter shape, distance, symmetry, and raw materials. And the mixing concentration of the air is related. The inner diameter shape of the nozzle determines its Zui speed, distance, and determines whether the raw material acceleration path is achieved, and whether the raw material and air mixing concentration also affect the particle size and yield of the product.

  The airflow pulverization unit is performed by a hierarchical wheel with a high speed. The classification wheel is fixed on the center of the circle "iron barrel" at the bottom of the direct-connected motor, and the motor drives high-speed rotation, the opening and the pipe portions of the micro-powder collection system are opposed, and keep a certain gap can not be too large, otherwise it will not The sorted coarse powder into the pipeline of the microfour collection system from the gap, affecting the product quality, in order to prevent such event, air seal processing at the gap. The graded wheel is installed with a blade, a blade?The gap is a channel sorting a fine powder. The pulverized fine powder flutters with the air, and the ultrafine powder is felt to the outer wall under the centrifugal force of the graded wheel due to the genus of the grain size, and the large particles are flying to the outer wall. . Adjust the speed of the grading wheel, you can get different particle size products.

  Sincere cooperation, work together, Shandong ALPA powder technology and a number of well-known enterprises have not only provided a power for China's economic expansion, but also for the performance of Shandong ALPA powder technology. A bright. In the future, Shandong AlPa Powder Technology will continue to play its own advantages in the manufacturing field of industrial powder equipment, provide high quality powder equipment, laying a solid development of the cornerstone for more companies.