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Application of airflow pulverizer in ore and chemical products

  According to the physical properties of the ceramic color, the pulverization is used to achieve the best output ratio. According to our company and the ceramic powder, many companies, ceramic materials (clay, gangue, etc.) can use our special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effective reducing production equipment) to achieve a crushing effect Ceramic raw materials (long stone, porcelain soil, alumina, etc.), ceramic color (chrome green, orange, iron red, etc.), fluidized bed gas flow blast (low pulverization temperature, oily and sugar are not at low temperatures A pulverization grading can be made to the adhesion apparatus. Ceramic raw materials (long stone, porcelain soil, alumina, etc.), ceramic color (glaze, melt block, etc.) can be used with airflow classifiers.

  The airflow pulverizer is completely closely closed during the pulverization process, and has a professional dust collecting device, which does not produce dust leakage. This is a good device for many factories that need to be retrofitted. This airflow crusher is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, mining, abrasive, battery materials, building materials, refractory materials, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and various dry powder materials. Overparagor, dispersion and plastic surgery. Excellent performance, can fully meet the ultrafine pulverized powder of various materials, adjustable, and adjustable yield.

  The airflow pulverizer is suitable for dry pulverization of various materials below Moh's hardness 9, particularly suitable for high hardness, high purity, and high value-added materials. The above materials are within the scope, and the product particle size D97 = 2-150 microns can be adjusted, the particle shape is narrow, and the particle size distribution is narrow. Low temperature without medium, the product is purified. Equipment disassembly and packing is convenient, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles. The entire system is closed, the dust is less, the noise is low, and the production process is clean and environmentally friendly. The control system uses program control and easy to operate.

  At present, many ores need ultrafine pulverization to be used, such as silicon carbide, boron nitride, white corundum, cobalt oxide, zirconia, brown jade, diamond, square, Dolomite, kaolin, heavy crystal stone , Quartz, talc, silica gray, pulverized, light calcium carbonate, mica, aluminum, magnesium stone, bentonite, garnet, magnesium mine, potassium longite, diatomaceous earth, pearlite, etc. New materials include flame retardants, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, silicone, black and white charcoal, herbicide, pesticide, catalyst, activated carbon, potassium oxynol, polyethylene wax, cellulose, naturalGraphite, artificial graphite, etc. These can be pulverized by a gas flow pulverizer. As the world's big country, China has played a positive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability, and assumes great responsibility and obligation. As a large industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprise developed in China's economic wave, ALPA powder technology will also assume corporate social responsibility, and continue to join hands with more companies to my country's strong troops, and strengthen the road of strong countries.