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Ultrafine pulverizer is effective in retaining traditional Chinese medicine active ingredients

The traditional Chinese medicine has been improved to the fast-paced life in this product, so that Chinese medicine is not as fried, then we now look at how Chinese medicine is changed by ultrafine crushers! It is reported that the size of the drug particles and the structure of the powder are an important factor affecting drug absorption. After the ultrafine pulverizer is ultrasound, its particle size is more subcompellent, the specific surface area increases, the porosity increases, the drug can be better dispersed, dissolved in gastrointestinal fluid, and increase the contact area of ​​the gastrointestinal It is more likely to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, whether it is a topical patch, or the capsule of the oral, and the minor dose can be used to reach the original efficacy. For mineral medicines, it is equivalent to a part of water insoluble material, After ultrafoil treatment, since the particle size is greatly reduced, it can be added to the body's dissolution, absorption speed, improve its absorption; in addition, the ultrafine pulverizer is also advantageous to retain the biologically active ingredient to improve the efficacy. During the ultrafine pulverization process of the ultrafine pulverizer, the control may not produce overheating phenomena, and even in low temperature, well and the pulverization speed is fast, which is conducive to retaining high temperature biological active ingredients and various nutrients, thereby improving Compound efficacy. Such as pearls, use traditional methods to destroy their partial components, and ultrafine pulverization is performed under low temperature conditions of -67 ° C, and the effective ingredients can be retained, and their effect is enhanced. Ganoderma lucidum contains rich amino acids and trace elements, with activation of immune function, anti-tumor, anti-thrombus, etc., after ultrafine crushing, the efficacy is more complete. Ultrafine pulverizer technology is a national high-tech industrial demonstration project. In the production of particulate, capsules, tablets, membranes, etc., in the production of solid preparations in the preparation process, introduced to ultrafine pulverization technology, can be soluble, disintegrating, absorbance, adhesion and Improve drugs and health products in terms of bioavailability. Such as cellbreading technology is a superfine pulverized processing technology, and the clinical application of Chinese medicine is a revolution. The pharmacodynamic release, pharmacotic changes, treatment effects, etc. will change in Chinese herbal medicine cells. Generally, the human cell size is 10-100 μm, and the fine particles of the Chinese medicine ultrafine powder is 3-5 μm, and the cellular (plants and animals) has a cell dimension of about 10-100 μm. The ultra-used Chinese medicine pill powder is 150-180 μm. The effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines are usually distributed in intracellular and cellularities, while in intracellular. If the traditional Chinese medicine is pulverized in a conventional manner, its single particles are oftenComposed of several or dozens of cells, the cells of the cells are extremely low. Ultrafine pulverized processing technology of Chinese herbal medicine cells can fully release the effective ingredients of the medicinal materials. After the cell is broken, the hydraulic oil in the cells moves out such that the surface of the fine particles exhibits a semi-humid state, and a stable particle group is formed between particles and particles, each particle group comprising the same proportion of Chinese medicine ingredients. The physical structure of the particle group is different from each component HLB value (hydrophilic, intake balance value), ductility, crushing, and specific gravity, etc. in each component. Different combinations and different interactions. This structure is conducive to the absorption and utilization of the human body on Chinese medicine. The lipid solubility of Chinese medicine is easy to pass through the lipid film, and it can quickly improve the blood concentration in the human body and achieve the purpose of cure. The ultrafine pulverizer is in the field of Chinese herbal medicines, which fully demonstrates its irreplaceable charm. In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, the technical level of the pharmaceutical machine industry is constantly improving, the appearance of ultrafine pulverizer is largely satisfied with the new development needs of the pharmaceutical machine industry. But companies cannot meet this, in the face of increasing market requirements, related companies still need to continuously improve technology to meet market development. Ultrafine pulverizer has an important role in the pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine. With the promotion of policies, the ultrafine pulverizer will be better developed. The author learned that, recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 587 industry standards on the 177th announcement in 2016, including the "Mechanical Impact Ultrafine Crushed Equipment Test Method", "Fluid Bed Airflow Crusher" two standards list 2, 3 The serial number is on the list, thereby declaring the history of my country's ultra-fine crushing equipment industry without JB standards. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical market, the increasing market demand and the encouragement of policies, the ultra-fine pulverizer will have broad market space. At the same time, related companies also need to continuously strengthen technological innovation, and strive to promote the ultra-fine pulverizer to high-end transformation.