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What is the characteristics of the Elsea high hortune gas flow classifier?

After the airflow mill is broken, the starting time is short, and the absorption is more sufficient, the pharmaceutical is more comprehensive, and the effect is more obvious. The cell-breaking crusher is a cell-breaking homogenized operation in which the cells breaking the Chinese herbal medicine cells. After the cell is broken, the internal solvent in the broken cell can be directly contacted the effective ingredients of the solvent, which can directly enter the solvent by the human body; the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, the drug is more comprehensive, and the intensity is higher , The amount of absorbent will increase, so that the role is also more obvious. The cosmetic raw material can be homogenized by a superfine pulverizer. It will cause precision composite and uniformity of the effective components of Chinese herbal medicines, which can also enhance the effect of drugs.

The high-grade turret is a dry airflow classifier. It is a centrifugal airflow classifier with flow field regulating devices, fine powder cleaning devices, and high-speed turbine rotors. It has a wide range of grading, high grading efficiency, grading High precision, accurate cutting particle size, good stability. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. summarizes the following:
(1) HK-level range: This machine can grade any material of organic and inorganic, grading particle size D97 = 3 ~ 74um, graded spherical, thin sheet And the particles of the fibers can also be separated from materials with large differences.
(2) High grading accuracy: Complete stable grading flow field and reliable seal, the material can be precisely graded D97 / D97 / D75 / D25 = 1.1 to 1.5.
(3) High grading efficiency: the intense eddy current field and the fine powder cleaning device are set, and the fine powder can be rated efficiently, and Newton's efficiency is 70 ~ 95.
(4) High-speed and complete foreign streaming, greatly eliminating the wear of the classified equipment. ◇ With a strong dispersion device, the agglomerated powder can be effectively dispersed and graded.
(5) flammable, explosive, easy oxidized materials can be used to achieve closed-circuit classification, inert gas circulation using inert gas as a medium. ◇ Multi-stage classification series: 1 to 5 level gas flow classifiers in the concession machine, divide the material according to the size of the particle size to produce particle size requirements of particle size requirements.
(6) Full enclosed negative pressure operation, no dust pollution.

In the future, ALPA powder technology will further expand its pattern in the Colombian market, and with Colombia as the entry point, gradually radiate Brazil, Chile, etc., is expected to be the South American market.Open a new situation. At the same time, the high-light performance in the powder equipment industry, AlPa powder technology has played a positive role in the high-endization and international image of its brand, and further consolidated the leadership of its energy-saving and environmentally friendly powder equipment. Providing a good development idea for the world's powder equipment and even Chinese brands.