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Suggestions for improving production efficiency of fluidized bed airflow crusher

Airflow grinding temperature without medium smashing: low melting point, thermal sensitivity, fibrous, polymer polymer powder; flammable, explosive, easy oxidized material for ultrafine processing Moques hardness; inert gas Realize the closed circuit cycle, the inert gas circulation is used.

Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, in a dry pulverizer, its structure is simple, can achieve continuous feed and discharge, neither the material is too fine, nor will it make the material over thick, only qualified sizes Materials can be continuously delivered from the source source, and their particle size distribution is steep. In addition, due to the principle of pulverization of the model, it is a high-speed airflow of supersonic, and the material to be pulverized, and the intersection, squeezing and friction at the intersection of the nozzle at acceleration of ultrasonic air flow. Stroke. Since the material does not have a strong impact, the equipment is durable, and more important is to ensure high purity after the material is pulverized. Another important feature is that the gas injected from the nozzle forms an adiabatic expansion in the pulverizing chamber, and the material is not increased during the pulverization process. In contrast, the material is pulverized at low temperatures, this pulverization method, the pulverization of the thermal material, no need to add cold media, can also ensure that its physical and chemical properties are unchanged. However, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer unit production is high, although the model has many advantages, but for low value-added products, it is still significant. In this way, people still have a lot of enthusiasm and expectation to the
fluidized bed airflow

. Some scholars believe that if the fluid bed airflow is super microfinator work efficiency is 1 ~ 2 times, this will be a very meaningful thing, because the model is improved, it will open a broader application. prospect. Many people are still unremitting efforts to make this effort.

In our long-term development, development and use process of fluidized bed airflow crusher, it has accumulated certain practical experience.
To improve the working efficiency of the airflow pulverizer, first consider from two parts, the pulverizer itself and its handling conditions.
Generally, the integration is as follows:
(1) Strictly control the amount of feed: The feed speed should be appropriate, uniform. In addition, what kind of feeding method is also considered, some materials need to be used for spiral board, and some materials need to be oscillated with oscillation, and to determine the material itself.Most importantly, it is to ensure that the energy source in the crushing room is constantly gaining the supply of materials, meets a certain concentration of the material of the crushing indoors. Practice has proved that regardless of the low material concentration, it will have a bad impact on the production of the material concentration to the finished product. The material concentration is low, and the volume of the material is small, the material concentration is high, which will affect the airflow velocity. It is unfavorable to improve, the air pressure, material characteristics, and the characteristics of the body itself, strictly control the feed speed of the material.
(2) Improve the impact probability of air flow velocity and particles. This will be agreed from two aspects. First, the design of the nozzle is reasonable, and the layout of the nozzle is also very important. It can only achieve the purpose of improving the production efficiency can only be achieved by satisfying the requirements of the above two aspects.
The conventional mode of fluidized bed airflow ultrafine pulverizer, the setting of the nozzle is arranged in parallel to the ring pulverizing chamber, and the gas stream injected from the nozzle is concentrated in the range of an approximate plane, which is narrow, not conducive to Improve the impact probability of particles. In addition, the drawbacks of such design have also reacted the coarse powder below the nozzle, and rarely have a chance to be redinized and form a blind zone.
Airflow pulverizer breaks the pattern of traditions, in the same plane of the pulling chamber, forms a certain angle of angle with this plane, and is symmetrically configured to include several nozzles, in addition, in the bottom of the pulverizer, and In contrast, set a vertical upward nozzle, with the center line of the remaining nozzles, together to the same focus. Under the common action of the gas stream injected in all nozzles, the material is formed on the focus, and the material is instantaneously pulverized. In addition, in front of the nozzle, a mixing tube is provided, and there is no blind spot in the pulverizing chamber, and the impact probability of the particles is improved, only this transformation can increase the efficacy of 150 to 200%.
(3) Optimize the hierarchical structure. The grading is a critical aspect of the ultrafine pulverization system. The fluidized bed airflow pulverizer has a most significant feature that enables continuous feed and discharge to prevent excessive pulverization of the material, causing unnecessary energy consumption. According to the turbine grading principle, appropriately increase the diameter of the graded wheel, improve the speed, and reduce the air flow is to ensure the fundamental guarantee of the fractional separation particle size. It is necessary to control the relationship between the above three according to the characteristics and specific requirements of different materials.
(4) The original material entering the gas flow crusher should be as small as possible. In order to achieve this, it should be pre-pulverized with ordinary pulverizer before performing ultrafine crushing, which is a saving energy and improvement.The most direct and most effective way of bit production.
(5) Ensuring a fluidized bed airflow pulverizer, airtight requirements of the entire closed system, including a full enclosure of a pipe, a valve, and a device, etc., should not have a leakage. In summary, you should use precious aerobics, concentrated on the nozzle, and strive to improve gas flow rate and pressure.
(6) Product collection and dust collector should be guaranteed smooth air, should not resist too much. This part of the system device must guarantee the collection of qualified products, but also to ensure the requirements of the environment, not polluting, but the equipment is over, there must be too much burden to the overall work.

The powder equipment industry is an eternal industry coexisting with humans. Science and technology is an important factor in promoting the development of the powder equipment industry and important forces. ALPA powder technology gives full play to the strength of enterprises, relying on the strength of technology, innovation. Designed high-efficiency airflow pulverizer powder equipment breaks through technical barriers, successfully obtained national utility model patents. In the future, AlPA Powder Technology will produce more cleaner and discharged airflow powder powder equipment, further promotion to advocate energy-saving and emission reduction, improve the ecological environment.