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Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is widely used in abrasives, ore, non-metallic,

  The critical speed of the temperature of the air flow grinding is 320m / s. When the temperature rises to 480 degrees, the kinetic energy is also in short increase of 150%, so it can improve the work and temperature is also very advantageous. Improve our crushing effect. Depending on the pressure of the work quality is the main parameters that generate jet or airflow, it is also the main parameters affecting the fineness of the pulverization.

  In the use of ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer, the gas stream carrying material high-speed movement, making strong collisions between materials and materials, friction and shear, to achieve pulverization, and enter the collection system. The pulverized material rises into the grading chamber, and the material that reaches the particle size requirements by forced impeller classifier, and the particles do not reach the particle size and continue to be pulverized.

  The raw material is entered into the pulverization chamber, which is subjected to a strong collision, friction, and shear to achieve ultrafine pulverization. The pulverized material enters the grading chamber with the rise of the gas stream, and the material of the particle size is reached through the impeller grading into the collection system. The particles that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the pulverizing chamber to continue pulverization, and the entire production process is fully closed, no dust pollution. The entire production process is fully closed, no dust pollution, and the air is purified after dust filtering. It can form a new inert gas closed circuit protection pulverized production line with an inert gas, which is widely used in the pulverization processing of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation.

  The ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is convenient to facilitate, easy to operate, smooth operation, low noise. No dust, low pollution. This machine has a bag-type dust collector to make the working environment without dust pollution, high yield, low use cost, compared to rollers, ball milling or Raymond mill, the machine output is large, the lossless parts and power consumption are low, guarantee The normal and stability of the host work is greatly extended by the life of the bearings.

  Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is widely used in abrasives, mines, non-metallic, chemical and other subjects, especially for steroid and shaping of materials such as silicon carbide, corundum, quartz, melting quartz, garnet, etc., the machine The development successfully solved the problem of the stacking density of the abrasive industry. The particle shape of the pulverized material is good, no needles and sheet-like particles, thereby so that the stack of crushing objects is high, the particle surface is clean, and the unit is a reasonable pulverization structure, which realizes the material and the object department. Collision, no other media is incorporated, so that the material is high purity.

  According to the material, depending on the material needs to use a different lining material, complete metal isolation from the injection end to the discharge end, and the amount of metal foreign matter is controlled at the PPM level, allocated on the material and internal protective means. It can achieve standards for processing material zero pollution. For those with toughness, viscosity, thermal or other materials, AlPA can provide a variety of machining environments and processing methods to meet customer needs.