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The airflow pulverizer needs to be improved in these aspects.

The problem of ordinary ultra-micro gas flow is: high manufacturing cost, large investment, high energy consumption, too much powder processing, so that it is also subject to certain fields; difficult to make submicron Level products, product particle size is best in 10 um, and the output is sharply decreased at 10 um, and the cost is rapidly rising; the single-machine handling capacity of gas flow is smaller (both less than 1 ton hour, can not adapt to large-scale production needs; The wear problem of equipment processing accuracy and material is still plagued with equipment manufacturers and factory users.

Although the airflow pulverizer is widely used, it is unanimously affirmed by people, but in the application process, I have encountered a lot. The problem, let the

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has never had a broader development. With the development of information technology, biotechnology and new material technology, the particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products have been proposed. Higher requirements, and save energy as much as possible, reduce environmental pollution, and ultrafine crushing technology face severe challenges. In recent years, it has made great progress in the research of basic theory of airflow pulverizer. However, many aspects It is necessary to improve:
a. Experimental study of supersonic smashing flow fields is necessary to strengthen. High crushing speeds have brought great difficulties to the direct measurement of the flow field, so the test instrument should be strengthened.
b. At present, steam is small as the pulverization equipment of the working medium, thereby having a small study on the influence of steam in the pulverizer, and can make full use of the advantages of the steam working medium, and realize the largeization of the pulverized equipment.
c. Crushing in the airflow The establishment of the parameter optimization model is still lacking, thereby bringing difficulties to the perfect and optimization design of the crushing equipment.
d. Deepen the combination of mixing, drying, granulation, coating and other processes and pulverization. Soft material Crush is a major problem and research focus. Therefore, in order to meet the development needs of modern industries, strengthen basic theory research, optimize equipment design is imminent. The airflow pulverizer is currently challenging and opportunities,

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should focus on optimization and research and development, only breakthrough core technology, overcome problems, can expand the application range of airflow crusher, so that it is more in line with the user's production standards, will usher in the gas flow crusher real Brilliant tomorrow!

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