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Micro-net ultrafine pulverizer is good because of the advantages

  Micro-net ultra-fine pulverizer is good because of the advantages, the quality of the product is to see the production strength of the factory, and the production process is more important. The ultrafine pulverizer has the following advantages:


  1. Size production of fine powder, must be strictly controlled for its raw materials, thereby promoting stability, scale supply of raw materials;

  Supply necessarily demands to achieve scale of the oil production of the original herbs to ensure the quality of the gun. Guaranteed the number of supplies;

  3. Size production will inevitably take modern production equipment, will significantly promote modernization of traditional Chinese herbal medicines production equipment;

  Manage modernization, scientific.

  5. Due to the reduction in the use of fine powder, it is inevitable that the cost of medication is significantly lower than the original drink cost, and the benefit is for the people.

  6. Due to the convenience of the use of fine powder, it will inevitably promote the promotion of natural drugs, and further expand the impact of Chinese medicine.

  7. The ultrafine pulverizer is to control the quality of micro-powder and raw materials, which will inevitably promote the development and application of "fingerprint map" technology.