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The story of ultrafine pulverizing alumina!

  After the alumina is smashed, it has always been the focus of attention. One example is that the customer's urgent needle alumina ultrafine pulverizer is under the protection of nitrogen by ultrafine pulverizer, very successful, got it. I want something you want, let's take a look!


  Alumina ultrafine pulverizer, the best in the new round of environmentally friendly inspector, the ultrafine pulverized alumina ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for the dryness of the various materials of Moh's hardness 9, especially suitable for high hardness, high Purity and high value-added materials. The product particle size D97: -150 microns, the particle type is good, and the particle size distribution is narrow. Low temperature without medium, especially suitable for thermal sensitivity, low melting point, chitosocol and volatile material. The collision completion of the material itself during the pulverization process of the alumina ultrafine pulverizer, so the equipment is resistant, and the product is purified. The ultrafine pulverizer of different models can be determined according to the user's yield requirements, and the ultrafine pulverizer of different materials can be determined according to the characteristics of the pulverized material. Alumina ultrafine pulverizer, the best in the new round of environmentally friendly inspector alumina ultrafine pulverized alumina ultrafine pulverizer disassembly cleaning, the inner wall is smooth without dead corners, the whole set of system is closed, no dust is leaked, ensuring The working environment of the staff, low noise, reduced noise pollution, and the entire production process is clean and environmentally friendly.

  The control system uses program control and easy to operate. The ultrafine pulverizer is widely used in chemical, mining, last, refractory, battery materials, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food, pesticide, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and various dry powder materials. , Dispersion and particle shaping, etc. Alumina ultrafine pulverizer, the best in the new round of environmental inspector Alumina ultrafine pulverizing machine alumina ultrafine pulverizer in the process of pulverizing alumina, from the feed opening to the discharge port It is a phenomenon that has no dust leakage. A professional design team will form a reasonable solution according to the customer's production, feed particle size, and discharge particle size. Guaranteed satisfaction with the needs of product production. The alumina ultrafine pulverizer is all stainless steel, and the purity of the material is guaranteed during operation.