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Airflow pulverizer needs to turn off the total power when cleaning

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is made of a large part of a crusher, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box and a fan, has a variety of overall performance, production process, uniform, no screen, non-mesh, uniform particle size. Continuous progress. It utilizes the relative movement between the active gear disc and the fixed tooth disc, or the gas high speed flows the material to obtain the material to teeth impact, friction, and materials from each other, and the powder is pulverized by the rotating centrifuge and the air machine. Enter the cyclone separator, then passed through the shutter, dust into the pulse dust cleaning tank, and the filter is adjusted by filter cartridge and recovery. The whole machine is designed according to the GMP standard, all of which are made with stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the production.When the airflow pulverizer is cleaned, the total power supply can be turned off, and the remaining dust in the machine can be directly used, and must be remembered. After removing the fed fight, you can remove the four screws on the base, then remove the hopper. When the screen is removed, you can directly open the airflow mill gate, and the Screen is taken after ZUI. Before use, check if all fasteners are tightened, whether the direction of operation of the spindle is correct, so as not to cause damage to the machine, lubricate the work according to the regulations, so that the machine is running normally, the material is added to the crushing machine, not there Mixed to avoid damage to the pulverizer, there is no abuse or debris in the air current pulverizer, if it should be treated in time to avoid damage to the tool.

  In the process of use, if there is any abnormality, it should be treated immediately to avoid greater losses, some components should be checked regularly, if there is damage, it should be replaced immediately. The conveying device does not match can cause the blockage of the drainage to weaken or calm. To find out the fault, first clarify the export transportation equipment, do not change, adjust the amount of feed, and the normal operation of the equipment. Under the action of the fan, the material is classified by the feed inlet air. The material is separated by centrifugation. After separation, the particles reach the requirements, enter the cyclone, and then collect, the particles do not meet the requirements, and then further separation until it meets the requirements. The pulverized material enters the grading chamber with the rise of the gas stream, and the material of the particle size is reached through the impeller grading into the collection system. The particles that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the pulverizing chamber to continue pulverization, and the entire production process is fully closed, no dust pollution.

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