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The two major problems in the application need to overcome the two difficulties in the application.

  Airflow pulverization technology is applied to high-grade pressure powder makeup manufacturing, improving the powder structure, has great improvement of powder performance and product quality. Airflow pulverization technology has broad application prospects in the cosmetics industry.Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer will encounter a variety of problems in actual production, which is inevitable. What we have to do is encountering and resolving in time when encountering problems, which requires

  Ultra-micro gas flow crusher to cooperate with each other and face together. The ultra-micro gas flow crusher has roughly two kinds of problems that are most worrying, and the following Erpai Xiaobian introduces you. The first is the noise problem of the ultra-micro gas flow crusher.

  The research and production practice have shown that the higher the airflow speed, the smaller the product obtained. When the ultrafine product is to be obtained, the speed of the airflow must be supersonic. The noise makes people energy, and it is often possible to cause accidents. Since the ultra-micro gas flow crusher itself, the structural design of the muffler has made very strict requirements. Shandong Erpa will typically take a multi-stage cyclone separator and a large dust removal device and a dust removal device.

  Second, the safety problem of ultrafine gas flow pulverizer manufacturing ultrafine powder.

  Includes the possible respiratory dust and dust explosion. The dust particle diameter obtained by ultra-micro gas flow crushing machine is basically 10 μm or less, and the harm is the highest in the human body. Ultra-micro gas flow crushing machine crushed operators have significant increased probability. At the same time, the dust is largely spread in the air, and dust explosions may occur. Shandong Erfa Powder Technology Co., Ltd. effectively prevents this phenomenon by using a closed circuit loop in the whole machine.

  Super Micro Fluidized Bed Airflow Crusher It is now possible to be one of the most advantageous equipment in powder equipment, but there are many ways to optimally increase, Shandong Erpa Will continue to develop deep-fine powder equipment, lead the development of the domestic powder equipment industry.

  For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of AlPa Powder Science and Technology said that AlPa Powder Technology is very clear and full of confidence. In the future, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to innovation, quality, service, and constructs "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.