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The airflow pulverizer has developed steadily in the common field, the prospect is not

  Toner special airflow pulverization grading machine has: high precision control, concentrated in particle size distribution, and high yield rate. Process maturity can be widely used in printers, copier toner production. Customized manufacturing according to different applications and requirements, flexible operation, stable operation.On the basis of traditional crushing technology, the airflow concept extends forward greatly. In various comminuted mechanical equipment, it is currently widely used in various industries in various industries, and in the airflow pulverizer in the airflow pulverizer, the ultravanic pulverizing machine

  is used in the larger. Although the multi-nozzle, fluidized bed, horizontal grading, and gas sealing is covered, the flow field is diversified, the material layer fluidization and the system of horizontal gradation are realized. However, since the nozzle design designed in this pulverization mode is parallel, symmetrical arrangement. Because it is pulverized according to the self-grinding principle of the material, the pulverized cavity is less contaminated with the product, and therefore it is particularly suitable for drugs such as the drug to be smashed with metal and other impurities. If an alignment (ie, horizontal routine) is formed only in a single plane, it can only be pulverized in the range of an approximate plane, and the nozzle of the series is disposed in the same plane around the pulley. This plane forms a certain angle of angle, the nozzle is symmetrical; at the same time, a vertical upward nozzle is provided at the center below the pulverizing chamber, and all the nozzle centerline intersects a point, and the effort is zero. This nozzle setting breaks through the disadvantages of the pulverized region of the traditional airflow pulverizer. After production practice, the new model is 1-2 times in progress in the same energy consumption, which greatly reduces the production cost of the production. When the material concentration is low, the probability of contact between the material is small, the material concentration is high, which will affect the air flow velocity, and should be visually visualized, the material properties, and the characteristics of the body itself, strictly control the material feed speed; feed The mode is determined by the characteristics of the material itself, and the spiral board can be used, oscillated with the lower or astroette, to ensure that the energy source in the pulverized chamber continuously obtains the supply of material, satisfying the material concentration in the pulverized chamber. Make sure that the air tightness requirements of the entire enclosed system, including pipes, valves, envelopes, etc., etc., etc., should not have leakage. Thus, the valuable air power energy is concentrated on the nozzle, ensuring that the fair gas flow rate and pressure, and the impact probability of progressive particles. Get extremely high power density, make fineThe material grinding time is greatly shortened, which is the highest energy utilization of the pulverizer and has a good development. The efficiency of the gas generating pulverizer is highly improved when the material is less than 20 μm, and the average particle size of the finished product can be minimized to reach a micron.

  The introduction of the airflow pulverizer can be said to be a major breakthrough, bringing unprecedented new vitality to many industries, China

  airflow mill

  Although starting late, after the domestic airflow crusher manufacturer Unremitting efforts, it is already possible to compare the imported airflow milling machine, even attracting many foreign companies to China to buy airflow crushers, so the airflow pulverizer is consolidated, challenges and opportunities for domestic manufacturers, and believe in the future of China. The chance of pulverization has become the mainstream of the world's crushing equipment, leading the development of the world's crushing equipment industry.

  The powder equipment industry is an eternal industry coexisting with humans. Science and technology is an important factor in promoting the development of the powder equipment industry and important forces. ALPA powder technology gives full play to the strength of enterprises, relying on the strength of technology, innovation. Designed high-efficiency airflow pulverizer powder equipment breaks through technical barriers, successfully obtained national utility model patents. In the future, AlPA Powder Technology will produce more cleaner and discharged airflow powder powder equipment, further promotion to advocate energy-saving and emission reduction, improve the ecological environment.