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Er Pieces Powder Equipment Talking about the Problems of Airflow Crusher Technology

  After a long-term development, with the continuous improvement of industry research and development capabilities and technical processes, the type of gas flow grinding product is increasing, mainly flat air flow, circulating tube gas flow grinding, rough gas flow mill, fluidized bed gas flow grinding , Target gas flow mill, supersonic speed flow mill, etc. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the application of high-performance materials and new materials is increasing. The performance and quality requirements of the downstream industry have continued to improve, and the new gas flow is constantly developed.The airflow pulverizer is now a high-end equipment in the comminution equipment, and the shadow of the airflow pulverizer can be seen everywhere, only because

  airflow mill has high pulverization precision, and the pulverized particle size is adjustable. Crushing does not warm, no pollution, small wear, high performance advantage. It is widely used in ultra-fine pulverization of low temperature, high purity, and high hardness materials, and can also use an inert gas as a medium to achieve closed circuit pulverization. Although the gas flow crusher has many advantages, it is not 100% perfect, and there is still a large amount of space that needs improvement. The following small series is briefly introduced.

  At present, there is still the following main problems in airflow pulverization techniques:

  (1) power consumption, low efficiency.

  (2) Small production.

  (3) The grading wheel needs to be replaced after a long time.

  (4) Preparation of submicron grade micropowder is still more difficult.

  (5) Special airflow pulverizer for crushing with special properties is complex, and the price is expensive. In response to the above problems, the following aspects should be performed in terms of airflow pulverization technology.

  (1) Strengthening basic research. That is, how to use the airflow to improve the pulverization efficiency, study the flow of air flow, improve the grading accuracy, and reduce the grading wheel wear. The research method can be used for testing, numerical simulation and theoretical analysis. (2) Research and optimization of structural parameters of gas flow pulverizer. Such as the shape, jet shape, incident angle, incident speed, the length of the nozzle, and the like. (3) Research on Strengthening the Flow Structure of Airflow. The reasonable airflow flow structure will greatly improve the level of grading accuracy and grading wheel life.

  (4) Research and development of special airflow mills suitable for crushing special properties materials. Such as easy oxidation, flammable, explosive materials (such as rocket advancementSulfine materials such as tough materials such as rubber, plastic, etc.), tough materials (such as rubber, plastic, etc.). Simultaneously simplify the structure and reduce system costs.

  (5) Research on Strengthening the Crushing Process Parameters of Gas Flow.

  The above is a small editor

  fluidized bed airflow pulverizer

  exhibits an introduction to the project. In fact, each mechanical equipment is not 100% perfect, so we need to strengthen research and development efforts, promote the upgrading of equipment, bringing convenience to users. The airflow pulverizer is also because there is an improved problem, and there will be a broader development prospect. Xiaobian believes that in the shortcomings, the airflow pulverizer will only become more intelligent, more suitable for users.

  ALPA powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow mill", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, has been based on technological innovation, science and technology research and development As the cornerstone, constantly improve the efficiency and safety of the airflow pulverizer, and is committed to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow mill products, creating more value for customers, creating greater benefits for employees, for society Do more responsibility.